Not many of you men reading this are likely to admit, publicly, that you have ever wished you had a bigger penis. Most would not admit to even a twinge of envy while watching a male porno star, hung like a donkey, doing the nasty with a silicone babe. But, for the 5,000 men that have gone under the knife with Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein, their most private wish has come true.

For some of those men, their journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary may have begun with an ad in a Portland newspaper. It reads, “MEN! Penile lengthening and enlargement. Latest and best proven techniques... No implants...” followed by the phone number. And that prompted this writer, not that I’m in need of Dr. Rosenstein’s proven techniques (I have pictures to prove that point), to give him a call. After all, women have been flocking like lemmings, particularly over the last five years, to have their breasts enlarged. I was curious to see if business was boom or bust for this doctor, operating out of Los Angeles, of course. The esteemed surgeon and urologist informed me that he does six surgeries per day himself, plus two other surgeons on staff perform lengthening and enlargement under his supervision. Wow! And he still had time to talk to this writer in Portland for almost an hour. (And play golf on the weekend?)

“I’ve always worked fast,” he said. “I was doing complete prostectomies in an hour and a takes me about 30 to 40 minutes for the (enlargement) surgery,” Dr. Rosenstein boasted.

I can see the sign above his office, “Over 10,000 Enlarged.” Yeah, if you want to know where the beef is, just check the Rosenstein files of former patients.

So what kind of guy wants to make it bigger? Here the doctor almost waxes philosophical when he says, “ My patients cut across all social and economic lines, across all cultural and ethnic levels... But they all share a lifelong feeling of inadequacy.”

The engaging, chatty, relaxed doctor is definitely in his realm making that last statement. He has taken the Masters and Johnson class and taught a sexual dysfunction class prior to his genie-in-the-bottle, I-will-make-your-bigger-is-better wish come true. With the factual candor of a man who has seen `em all, Dr. Rosenstein points out, in case you’re wondering, that “95% of all males have a penis length between five and seven inches fully erect.” And so I wondered if his patients came from the small end of that other five percent.

“My patients fall into the 95% category,” he flatly observed, without any judgement or sardonic tone. But his implication was crystal clear: the problem of inadequacy is all in their heads – the big head, not the little head. The Surgical Wizard does what psychiatry or an ardent lover cannot accomplish; his patients look down and by gosh, IT IS BIGGER!

But how much bigger? For a recent Harvard/UCLA presentation, Dr. Rosenstein gathered the raw data from his files, which state that the average length increase of his patients is 2.1”, with a variance from one inch to a whopping three and three-quarters inch. And the average diameter increase, which is cosmetically tied to the size of the head, is a significant 50%. Given the fact that his patients fall into the five inch to seven inch norm, simple math will tell you that Dr. Rosenstein is making some whoppers.

“I’ve had guys come in who say, `Just make me as big as you can, doc!’” Rosenstein said. He had a couple of more anecdotes along those lines. For example, Dr. Rosenstein told of a 67-year-old patient with Parkinson’s disease, which rendered him impotent, who had implant surgery elsewhere. The implant, completely different from what Dr. Rosenstein does, gives the man a 24-hour a day hard-on, which is strapped down when not in use. This patient had developed the usual hand tremors associated with Parkinson’s and was having trouble gripping his penis. So the doctor gave him something bigger he could really get a handle on. In an unrelated incident, the man fell down and broke his hip, requiring the services of an orthopedic physician. After treating the man, the orthopedic deadpanned, “Well, he doesn’t need a cane.”

Dr. Rosenstein also shared a comment from one of his nurses. After viewing a post-operative patient she said, “You know, when I was a kid I had horses. (Compared to him) they were small.”

So, by now you may be wondering exactly how Dr. Rosenstein can transform you into King Kong. The technique is all based upon fat transplantation. Without getting too technical, (or gory), he makes an incision at the base of the penis (OUCH!), under general anesthetic, of course, and transplants the most durable fat from the lower abdomen into the first half of the penis, pulling skin down from the abdomen to encase the newly formed length of penis. Of course, there are a lot of other technical things that have to happen, like the detachment and re-attachment of the internal apparatus that makes the penis go up and down, but basically he’s building bigger penises with the fat and skin from your own body. No silicone. No implants. No increased levels of antibodies or related immune deficiency disorder diseases from the body fighting a foreign substance. In other words, when it comes to enlargement, men have it a lot better off than women. If there are any feminists out there who are pissed off that the male-dominated enhancement surgery profession has, naturally, developed a far friendlier technique for enlarging themselves, well, I don’t blame them.

Widening the penis is accomplished through incisions along the sides, and then inserting the same durable fat from the lower abdomen (with tender, loving care, I hope!)

Dr. Rosenstein points out that there is absolutely no interference with the head of the penis or the very delicate urethra area. But there are some touchy-feely drawbacks to this surgery. The outer penis has a bit of a spongy feel to it because of the inserted fat. And the quality of the skin at the base is different because it is abdomen skin, which is hair bearing. No problem. Some men shave it. Others don’t care because it hides the scar(s). Yikes! The Attack of the Giant Spongy, Hairy Penises coming to a neighborhood near you! Sounds Sci-Fi. Dr. Rosenstein is clearly either a genius or a madman, or else just one very clever, wealthy doctor catering to the unutterable fears of silly, vain men.

The Doctor pointed out that some, though very few, men don’t like the feel of their new penis, and have the operation reversed. It is here the doctor points out that his surgery comes with a complete warranty. “I’ll fix whatever you want,” he says. “It’s not what I see and feel, but what the patient sees and feels,” he states with the frank candor of a man who is in the wish-fulfillment business. Given that his patients come from the 95%, normal-length category, the problem, methinks, is not in their penises, but in their minds.

The cost to outwardly fix ones’ fear of inadequacy is a mere $3,900 for lengthening and $5,900 for widening as well. And that comes with a complete, lifetime warranty on all serviceable parts under the hood. Dr. Rosenstein will do for you what God did not. His patients can usually test drive their new penis on their partners a month after surgery. Scars may take up to a year to mature and blend in, but your own hair can cover them. So, if you don’t mind a little spongy texture, you could be driving the biggest rig on the block.

Sorry. You’d have to pay me 100 times the doctor’s fee to let anyone near me down there with a knife. Maybe Dr. Rosenstein is actually doing business in the darkest subconscious wish/fear fulfillment. Castration. Or maybe he’s just another – although personally delightful – example that we have all lost our minds on the way to the third millennium.

ROSENSTEIN UPDATE -------------------------------

Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein had his license suspended for post-operative care complications after a judge ruled he was negligent and incompetent. He has since retired. Chris Solton and Jonothan Yaker, who worked in administrative capacities under Rosenstein, have formed Cosmetic Surgery International and are continuing to offer penile enlargement surgery. They have carefully hand-picked two cosmetic reconstruction surgeons.

Yaker contends that one of the problems with a urologist, like Rosenstein, performing the enlargement surgery is that their approach, screening, results and post-operative care do not address the psychological, emotional and aesthetic needs of elective, cosmetic surgery patients. Yaker says, "The surgeon cannot just be concerned with size; they almost need to be an artist to re-shape the body and skin."

When I pointed out to Yaker a Playboy Advisor piece mentioning that more than forty patients had registered complaints about Rosenstein, Yaker countered that Dr. Rosenstein had performed more than 5,000 penis enlargement surgeries. He also explained that there is a 10% rate of complication expected in cosmetic surgery. Given the above, over forty complaints out of 5,000 surgeries is less than 1%, which is the expected rate of complication for many, common surgical procedures.

Yaker informed me that their cosmetic surgeons have a better understanding of what the patient wants to see after the procedure, because of their years of experience with genital reconstructive surgery: Give the most natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance priority over size increase. In other words, the CSI surgeons understand better than the patient himself who exclaims, "Just make it as big as you can, Doc!" They accept that next to a man's heart, his penis is probably his most cherished body part.

Yaker claims that with their surgeons, scarring is much less obvious than with Rosenstein. Also, by reducing the number of surgeries they perform, each patient is a better candidate and receives more post-operative care.

Rosenstein, Yaker believes, is a very competent and highly respected urologist who created problems for himself by taking on too many patients, and not understanding the more subtle and deeper needs of cosmetic surgery patients. He believes CSI's cosmetic surgeons give a better result to more carefully screened patients who have a larger grasp of realistic, not fantastic, results. – G.A.

Cosmetic Surgery International can be reached at http:/

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