The world resembles what she speaks. At first there is a blinding white fog and she appears shocked, blank and while nothing happens, her horizon is far too big, there is no way to get in. But division happens. Split, she can see. Visibility is low.

Fingers separate and air can be breathed. She cries.

She wants things. It’s impossible to understand.

A single dot appears, heavy and armed, floating like a fist.

Is it The? I? A shape. A shape.

She draws breath. Color!

I will attempt to describe it. I will give it a name - I will call it mine. She wants everything - I will call her my body. I shall paint her the color I wish.

I want this body. To be a mammal. I want her to smell like yeast, strength and dew. I want this female, to smell with me. Four soft humps, one crevice with her. Small body. Big hair. Sheltered and holy soft animal parts.

Woman. Gives herself that body and stands there holding me. I feel her brain inside me like a bright fire rising in my spine. She glows every color, dances every distance. Inside and outside me too. I hear what she sees. She resembles me. She lies there, timeless with her eyes open. It is everything to go into. The bottomless well. Endless and simple, dangerous and lovely to the point of collapse, she appears from across a mystery and opens to swallow me. I delight myself in her while my hands pour outside to drink the excitement of her difference. Our colors run amok till shock travels the complete distance and spasm leaps into form. - Complete - not finished - she lies there innocent and sleeping, a rainbow in a pod of dirt. I peer into her nearness, bowing and dissolve my head. Thought runs out as I enter her, and to illuminate she lounges, and contracts, shooting out my visions. She takes in my water. And the world will shake to resemble, everything she speaks.

Afterwards, I will be wrapped up in your blackness and that will have the color of black ink, but after your dissolution and my coagulation, when we have entered the house of love, my body will coagulate and I will be in my emptiness.

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