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Erotic City

by Ray McMillin

Local events, news and commentary... (read more)

Jonas Does Portland: Single On V-Day In The Real City Of Sin

by Jonas Barnes

You have no reason to be lonely with so many options... (read more)

Top 5: Parts Of My Campaign Platform

by Brad Cox

Brad will not divide us... (read more)

Green Room Diaries: Love & Weed

by Stoned Cold Sativa Awesome

Roses are red, weed is green... (read more)

Tales From The DJ Booth: See You In Courtship

by DJ HazMatt

How second base and strip clubs can save sex... (read more)

Slutscapades: Valentine’s Day Cards

by Dr. Helen Shepard

Hallmark has nothing on Helen... (read more)

Typical Slut

by Julia Laxer

Staying beyond the night, floating beyond our bodies... (read more)

The Monthly Column: That Laid Up Life

by Wombstretcha

Womb in the emergency room... (read more)

Love In A Plain Brown Envelope: Shadowboxing Emotional Biases

by Jaime Dunkle

The psychedelic saga continues... (read more)

Surfin’ The Web With Ray: The Best Worst Dating Sites On The Internet

by Ray McMillin

Exploring the dark side of the internet... (read more)