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Love In A Plain Brown Envelope

by Jaime Dunkle

South Florida slang, Dr. Phil, teenagers and more... (read more)

Green Room Diaries

by Stoned Cold Sativa Awesome

Weed testing isn't just for union jobs anymore... (read more)

Degenerate Art

by Baraka Noel

Down and out in Oakland, CA... (read more)

Top 5 Things I Learned Selling Drugs

by Brad Cox

Street smarts pay off... (read more)

The Monthly Column

by Wombstretcha the Magnificent

Behind the mysterious insect and/or sex drug... (read more)

Spice Of Life

by Ericka Rachelle Mendoza

Deep inside the chemicals that make us go deep inside... (read more)

Stripped In Pornland

by Jaime Dunkle

Flash fiction inspired by real and rumored events in the Portland strip club industry... (read more)

How To Sell Rugs

by Ray McMillin

Lazy editorial inadvertently exposes the war on rugs... (read more)

Heavenly Showers

by Anna Suarez

Sexy, wet editorial from a brand new contributor... (read more)