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Interview: Alice Wanderlust, Miss Beautiful Vagina 2017

by DJ Dick Hennessy

Extended Questions

First off, congratulations on winning the pageant this year. How does it feel to be Miss Beautiful Vagina 2017™ ?

The same as before I was Miss Beautiful Vagina 2017, but, now, I have a crown to prove I have the most beautiful vagina.

You’ve competed for multiple years now. Did you think you would win this year? If so, what was different about this year?

I never get into a contest expecting to win. If you expect to win—or even place—and don’t, it can really mess with your head. Instead, I like to see what people did and didn’t enjoy about my set and improve, then come back to the next contest and show up my last performance. I think I had a better chance this year, because I knew the club better, I knew the judges better and I had a better feel for the stage. Things are always easier when you feel more comfortable (this is good sex advice, too)

In my opinion, your American Pie performance was absolutely brilliant. What was your inspiration for the theme?

Well, when I think of vaginas, I think of high school and losing my virginity. What movie better symbolizes the power of a vagina, than one with a bunch of virgins who are just trying to lose their virginity, through the rite of passage known as coitus?

What do you plan on doing with your prize money?

I don’t know. I’m probably going to blow it on strippers and blowcaine...just kidding. I’m not that cool. It’s probably going to pay off student loans, honestly.

What do you like best about working at Kit Kat Club?

Definitely the girls I get to work with. We all take our performances really seriously and we are all a pretty close-knit group of girls. It’s unreal how much these girls all take care of one another and help each other out. I love them all so much!

Did you have a favorite performer or performance, other than your own?

My personal favorite from the pageant, was from Charlotte. I thought it was hilarious, how her set was all about her vagina being the boss. Plus, I think she’s super adorable. How could I not love a big ol’ booty and a boss vagina?

Would you recommend that other dancers compete in competitions? Why?

I would recommend competing. I think a lot of girls think these pageants are just about going out there and missing a night of work. But, let me tell you—I have made some of my best money on just doing one set in these contests. Also, I meet a lot of new people who want to come in and see me, because I was in the contests. It’s not just me, either; lots of girls have told me that doing the competitions has been great exposure. Not to mention, you get a chance to win some money and do some crazy shit that you probably couldn’t get away with at your club.

Do you have any advice for girls competing in years to come?

Yes. Be over-the-top! Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t be afraid to go all out. Think of all the things you could do for your set and make sure it all goes together. But, once you think you have it covered, you don’t. Add something to make it spectacular—something the judges will remember. Don’t be afraid to veer away from being sexy. So many girls are always concerned they need to be sexy the whole time—but, they don’t. It’s not just men judging you. It’s women, too. So, keep that in mind. Don’t forget the theme. If it’s a vagina pageant, do something vagina-related. If it’s a booty competition, do something butt-related. If it’s a pole competition, do pole-related stuff. Just remember to be original. Do something that’s probably never been done. It will make you more memorable.

Rapid Fire Round

Favorite food?

The buffalo wings from Fire On The Mountain.

Favorite drink?

Ginger beer.

Favorite movie?

Alice In Wonderland (1985 with the all-star cast).

Favorite TV show?

Rick & Morty.

Favorite thing to do on a day off?

Winners don’t take days off.

Ideal vacation location?

I really like Astoria, Oregon.

Best Halloween costume idea?

Anything that’s a pun. I’m a sucker for a punny costume. My favorite punny costume that I own is Alice In Chains. Ultimate life goal?

Finally getting my Masters Of Science In Engineering (MSE) degree. Check back in a couple of years to see where I’m at with that.