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Love In A Plain Brown Envelope: I Rode The DMT Orgasmatron In Fifth Gear

by Jaime Dunkle

This essay is the second of a series based on the suggested writing assignments in Antero Alli’s The Eight-Circuit Brain.

Timothy Leary’s Eight-Circuit Theory maps intelligence and experiential knowledge. Robert Anton Wilson expanded the model and Alli developed it into an exploratory practice. The eight circuits are (C1) physical survival, (C2) emotions and boundaries, (C3) logos and communication, (C4) community, (C5) pleasure, (C6) intuition and the auric body, (C7) spirituality and synchronicity and (C8) the void and the astral.

Each of the essays in this series will explore a specific circuit.

Last month, I delved into the First Circuit of Physical Security. When exploring the circuits, according to the exercises in Alli’s book, they are coupled. Survival/Security (C1) goes with Rapture (C5). This essay tracks Fifth-Circuit ecstasy in its most extreme form I’ve ever expressed and experienced1.


DMT initiated me into the deepest state of elation I’ve ever known. It gave me a psycho-spiritual, multidimensional, full-body orgasm I’ll never forget.

My DMT trip was a quaquaversal reality, with no real definable end or beginning. Instead, it was a whirling dervish of layered experience that unveiled my personal arcana from the depths of my unconscious mind.

Thoughts emerged and divided into multifaceted forms. I saw the words swirl into typography that morphed into shapes, patterns and colors—all of which transformed at the orchestration of the faceless Light-Side Guardian before me.

I’ve always heard about the DMT entities. Terence McKenna called them “machine elves.” My friends refer to them as aliens, mantis people and angels (sometimes, even demons). I prefer to see them as our allies of the unconscious mind. They’re autonomous, but universal—simultaneously—in my opinion.

My personal arcana from my unconscious mind, as disclosed to me during the one and only time I’ve ever tried DMT, were like an odd, familiar circus family. They even had their own song, that I’ve always known and now remember. Early on, they presented themselves to me in something I can only describe as a family portrait. They just stood there long enough for me to assess who they were: the Dark Mother (she was actually invisible until the end), Shaitan/Azazel/The Veil Of Malkuth (i.e. the Earth) with a thousand eyes, Ganesha (who held up the eye-covered veil that covered the ceiling of the dome-world I was in), the Light-Side Guardian (a faceless, elongated white being), the shadow-side guardian (a faceless, elongated black being) and a cunning trickster who held a wooden wind instrument that looked like a recorder swallowed an egg.

Although I’ve seen them here and there in dreams—waking and sleeping—on mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, peyote and hallucinogenic plants such as datura and belladonna, they had never appeared so vivid and comprehensible before. This time, I was aware of the shifts that took place between them. The unconscious allies also taught me how to manipulate the holographic dome-world I perceived.

They showed me that my spine was a magical rod, which I already understood from my hermetic and vedic studies. They showed me it surged with invisible energy, which I saw as a gold light, that I could control and direct. My spine transformed into a golden rod of electricity as the light-side guardian communicated to me that I could change the world around me with it. I understood the inter-dimensional initiator meant that I could manipulate the world at large, but also the kaleidoscopic dome-world I witnessed through my DMT lens—a world that peeled more in layers and less like the tunnels I had heard about, from other people’s trips.

The Light-Side Guardian showed me that I was able to manipulate the onion-like dome’s colors and patterns with my voice and movements. It instructed me to whimper and moan, and these luminous, prismatic mandalas transmuted shape and saturation. I thought of the sephiroth on the Tree Of Life and how each sphere embodies four realms, all of which have their own colors. Could it be my vibrational sound and motion moved me through these ancient worlds of esoteric and exoteric qualities, distilled into the mosaic dome-world around me? That would make sense, if I was traveling though my own unconsciousness.

Once I graduated beyond the neophyte level and understood the magic lesson, rather quickly—the whole trip only lasted about 10 minutes—the Light-Side Guardian showed me how to take myself to the most blissful ecstasis I’ve ever experienced.

The method was simple. Innate. Biological and spiritual. I simply gyrated my hips, spread my legs with knees bent, arched my back, mouth agape and the most liberating tone I’ve ever moaned spilled from my lips like the sweetest amrita.

Every cell in my body orgasmed.

One of the most memorable parts of the whole thing was that I discovered I could sustain the all-over cellular pleasure. I also recognized the ecstasy I felt as being a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic world. The combination of sound, movement, absolute freedom, and total surrender was the magical formula for me to unite and ignite an occult orgasmatron superpower.

Now I’m trying to take that hidden superpower and apply it to everyday life, the spiritual liberation that results in physical comfort and confidence to navigate the biases of trust and distrust shaping my emotional boundaries...which shifts us into the next pair of circuits for the next two essays: (C2) Emotions and (C6) Intuition.