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Erotic City

by Ray McMillin

Local events, news and commentary... (read more)

Top 5: Awful Things 2017 Did To Mankind

by Brad Cox

A recap on the year that shouldn’t have been... (read more)

Green Room Diaries: How To Run A Dispensary

by Stoned Cold Sativa Awesome

So you think you can sell weed for a living... (read more)

Tales From The DJ Booth: Why Strippers Will Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

by DJ HazMatt

How to have an XMAS without a DUII... (read more)

Stripped In Pornland: Mr. Misanthropy

by Jaime Dunkle

Flash fiction inspired by the Portland strip club industry... (read more)

Slutscapades: Five Or Fewer Men

by Dr. Helen Shepard

Resolutions are tough to keep... (read more)

Winter Color Palettes

by Anna Suarez

Seasonal fiction from Anna Suarez... (read more)

The Monthly Column: A Saucy Old Time

by Wombstretcha

Hot stuff, comin’ through... (read more)

Love In A Plain Brown Envelope: A Hate Letter To Creeps

by Jaime Dunkle

An open letter to closed minds... (read more)

Surfin’ The Web With Ray: BatheInMyMilk.com

by Ray McMillin

Exploring the dark side of the internet... (read more)