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Exotic Magazine Pinup (January 2018) - Miss Exotic Oregon, Annie from Laboosh Studios
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Miss Exotic Oregon

Highlights & Interview With Annie, M.E.O. 2018

Exotic: How did it feel to win the Miss Exotic Oregon finals?

Annie: I was shocked! I was like, "Holy crap!!!" Everyone was just so happy, because they knew how hard I worked for this—I’ve been training for years.

Your Pink Panther set was choreographed as fuck.

That actually took a month to rehearse. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it to the finals or not, so when (my dance partner and I) trained for the first rounds, we started training for all of them. That first show was amazing. For this last one, the Pink Panther one, we trained for like, a month to get the parts just right. At work, at the studio...I trained for a month.

How long did it take to get it down and not fuck it up?

Well, in case you didn’t notice, my shoe broke at the finals (laughs). But, during the practice, I’d over-think the routine, then try again and approach it with a more relaxed, natural feel. Eventually, we got it down.

Tell us about your final qualifier set.

The one where I was coming out of a painting, with just a ski mask? Paint gets everywhere, which is very interesting. Both my sets have been painted... holy crap, that was a lot of paint.

Would you recommend other dancers try the paint approach, or not?

Well, the first set was Tempera paint and the second one was body paint. It takes a while to get off, especially when you’re fully covered. So, if you try paint, have someone there to help you, with coconut oil and Dawn dish soap.

Did you say Dawn dish soap?

Dawn dish soap. Just to get the paint off, it helps.

Coconut oil gets brought up a lot when interviewing strippers, but I have yet to hear someone mention Dawn dish soap in this context.

I also work in a haunted house, with lots of fake blood, paint and all that. So, Dawn dish soap has become my go-to for getting that shit off.

Have you thought about contacting the people at Dawn dish soap for a sponsorship?

Ha ha, not yet. Dawn dish soap cuts a lot of shit out, it works wonders. If you know any girls that want to do a feature show with paint, have them use Dawn!

That ends the dish soap section of the interview. So, you’ve been dancing for years, do you work at any local clubs?

I’m currently working at Shimmer’s and King’s. I like the working class bars. I like that environment, because it feels more comfortable—like, you know everybody and it’s more relaxed. I’ve worked at a lot of clubs and at the smaller bars, I always make the most money. It’s my personality; I like to talk a lot and I will talk to a customer for hours on end.

What were some of the challenging aspects of the Miss Exotic competition?

Nerves. A lot of nerves.

You didn’t look nervous on stage. Do you have a pre-show ritual or routine? Alcohol? Meditation?

I had, like, two beers, three hours before my show. That’s it. But, I was so nervous that I kept turning around and trying to catch my breath.

What was your impression of the other contestants?

I thought all the other girls were amazing. I love watching all the talent and I love how much dedication they put into their shows. It’s inspiring, honestly, to watch them.

So, you represented Laboosh Studios for the competition. Do you work at traditional strip clubs, as well?

I worked at Nicolai for the longest time. Then, they closed down and Shimmers has been my home club since. I also work at King’s.

What’s up with Laboosh Studios?

It’s actually my friend’s showgirls studio—Cece Laboosh, she trains showgirls. Laboosh trains everyone, from feature entertainers, to showgirls, to people who do feature nights...like at Kit Kat...burlesque, lots of local exotic dancers. From poi, to erotica, to pole tricks...Cece’s been in this industry for over 25 years.

What about yourself? How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been dancing for five-and-a-half years. I’m a mom (I have two kids). I work my ass off. I really love dancing, it’s one of my passions. And, I really like putting on a show for people. It’s really fun.

How does it feel to be on the cover of Exotic, for all to see?

I’ve worked really hard for this. I’ve wanted to be on the cover of Exotic, since after my first competition. That was at Pallas, back when it was open. It was an in-house competition for the cover and I got second. I thought, someday I really want on this.

So, you’re like Eminem in 8 Mile—you made a comeback and took the trophy. When does your rap album come out?

I don’t do rap, I suck at singing, too. I can’t rap or sing (laughs).

Neither can Eminem, have you heard his new album? So, when can folks see you, and where?

I haven’t (laughs). Shimmers is my main club, which is where you can see me Sunday through Tuesday. I’m at King’s most other days of the week.

What about seeing you at Laboosh?

It’s actually a private studio, open only to local exotic entertainers. But, (Laboosh) is amazing at what she does. I think she’s actually trained another Exotic covergirl. Anyone in the industry can check it out.

Where can people ffnd you on social media?

I actually have a Facebook and Instagram (Facebook.com/MrsAnnie420 and Instagram. com/MrsAnnie420). There are various other places you can find me online, as well. Thanks Annie, it’s been a pleasure and I’m sure our readers look forward to seeing more of you.