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The Monthly Column: A Saucy Old Time

by Wombstretcha

Man, oh man. This article actually involves personal research—albeit, rather mundane personal research—but, before we get to the list, let me tell you all the number one thing I learned: people take hot sauce VERY FUCKING SERIOUSLY! I’ve never seen a fight break out in real life over a great many divisive and controversial topics, but when you talk about hot sauce, people are ready to THROW DOWN. I swear, I nearly got into about three fist fights on separate occasions, before cooler heads prevailed.

I did talk to people with recommendations as to what to try (if I hadn’t already), and what might be included in my list. I already have a pretty vast experience with hot sauce, as I love to spice up my food. But, I obviously haven’t tried everything out there and I tend to avoid the hot-for-thesake- of-hot kinds, even though they usually have amusing names, like "Dr. Assburn’s" and "Bubba’s Butt Blaster" (both real sauces, BTW). Anyhow, I have a list of carefullyreviewed, reasonably popular, common hot sauces. I hope it helps, next time you’re thinking of picking up some new spice for your life.

I actually reviewed several dozen hot sauces and can publish more, if anyone cares. If not, go to Wombstretcha.com and send me hate mail.

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