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Cyborg Sex & Gender Warfare

by Matt Rose

When people get a hold of new technology, they tend to create social spaces within otherwise practical and utilitarian environments— new waves of technology are always accompanied by an element that fits a particular need for human interaction. When given the opportunity to escape into virtual worlds, consumers express insatiable desire for interaction with real people. AOL is famous for chat rooms and instant messaging. Before that, BBS systems were used to connect basement-dwellers with ASCII porn and creepy old men who presented as horny teenage girls. Games such as Second Life bridge real and virtual social realms, while shoot-em-up and combat games continue to focus on interactive elements (there have been real-life marriages and funerals held in the Warcraft universe). Put simply, social interaction is never replaced by virtual reality but, rather, it adapts to it.

A great example of how platforms designed for digital entertainment turn social is Twitch, an online streaming platform that is, in theory, designed for gamers to broadcast their conquests, live for other viewers to enjoy. In reality, it’s basically YouTube, with far less restriction. Twitch is home to thousands of cleavage streamers (hot girls in skimpy outfits, pretending to play Zelda in the world’s smallest in-game camera... you can get the same result if you just open Minesweeper and Chatturbate at the same time), as well as various other channels that host stand-up comedy, political talk shows and anything else you’d find on YouTube. Video games are almost an afterthought on many Twitch channels, and it is also the platform in which I was first introduced to the concept of sex dolls.

I stumbled onto a streamer named Turd Flinging Monkey, who hosts a Twitch show that focuses on a philosophy called MGTOW, which stands for "Men Going Their Own Way." If Men’ Right’s Activists (MRAs) are analogous to radical feminists, MGTOW are the male equivalent of single, working women who are opting out of childhood and choosing to focus on their careers. While feminism and men’s rights are active philosophies, MGTOW is more passive and self-focused. Still, regardless of what the MGTOW community has to say for themselves, like any other unorthodox, self-sustained counterculture, they are shamed and demonized by pretty much all of the internet (including Men’s Rights Activists). According to insertnews- outlet-here, MGTOW is usually described as a bunch of women-hating misogynist trash.

So, it might come as a surprise to learn MGTOW and Twitch streamer Turd Flinging Monkey’s take on sex dolls—put simply, his channel portrays sex dolls as a safe alternative to real-life women, as the dolls provide, and I quote, "companionship" and commitment, without any risk of being "alimony raped" or otherwise taken advantage of by unfair laws that disadvantage men. The Doll House (The-Doll-House.com), a sponsor for the Twitch channel being discussed here, advertises a variety of sex dolls that range in size and shape. While most dolls are younger in appearance, none of them appear to be underage, ridiculously out-ofproportion or otherwise first-gen Lara Croft, in terms of being impossible to replicate in human form. Yes, the dolls feature a variety of body shapes and breast sizes, but the business presents itself in an arguably classy fashion, considering the company is selling rubber fuck puppets over the internet. There are no tag lines for "extra tight pussy" or "bitches that won’t complain." In fact, the sex dolls designed for men, so far, are presented with no more innuendo than fashion models seen in advertisements for The Gap or as "social media influencers" on Instagram.

What has the response been from lawmakers, "sex-positive" blogs and otherwise "progressive" media outlets, when it comes to female sex dolls designed for men? Well, earlier in the year, sex dolls were labeled as a threat to women, according to the usual suspects of outrage generation (The Guardian ran an article titled Should We Ban Sex Robots While We Have The Chance?). Last month, it was headlines about how sex dolls are hackable dangers that can be programmed to kill, if the wrong autistic Russian pimp somehow obtained one. A dialogue regarding sex workers whose jobs are threatened by sex dolls may sound like a bad Lifetime movie, but a recent controversy in the U.K. over sex doll brothels seems to be on par with the Satantic panic of the ‘80s, in terms of real-versus-perceived threat to society. The general consensus seems to be that female sex dolls, designed for men, are misogynistic hate crimes with functional genitalia. Again, these dolls are being advertised as "alternative(s) to companionship," not "female genocide."

Aside from hacky comedians and internet memes, I have yet to see a single, serious objection, on the part of men, regarding sex toys designed for women. In fact, I know plenty of dudes who use dildos on their partners. No confident man (or woman) should be threatened by something that requires a USB charger to facilitate an orgasm. I know, as the world’s greatest lover, that my male ego will never be so fragile as to be threatened by anything named "Rabbit," unless we’re talking rap battles. Still, according to neo-fauxmenist bloggers everywhere, sex dolls designed for men usually fall somewhere between Swastikas and Confederate Flags, in terms of what they represent.

That was, until last month, when news headlines announced the next advancement in cutting-edge technology, designed for women, set to hit the market by 2019. Someone better Tweet to @BellHooks, because the gender gap has closed! Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary and androgynous, the first male sex doll, designed for women, has hit the market. And, according to all the progressive, super-woke, feminist-allied media outlets, what does it offer? Male companionship? An alternative to players and pick-up artists? A safe replacement for predatory men? No, of course not...according to the headlines, this new male sex doll features "BIONIC PENIS." With a firm jawline, chiseled abs, blue eyes and white skin, this poster boy for the ideal Aryan cyborg features unbeatable, super-advanced robot cock.

Okay, let’s review. The community of supposed neckbeards and misogynists who survive on a diet of Mt. Dew and rape jokes is pushing for dolls that offer "companionship." These dolls are being shunned for objectifying women, by the same news outlets that are now screaming from the mountain tops about "bionic penis." Something something equality of the sexes, blah blah hypocrisy, yadda yadda current year. To quote the general MGTOW sentiment, "If it makes men happy with no beneflt to women, it’s oppression. If it makes women happy with no beneflt to men, it’s empowering." This may be a jaded, if not extreme, view of the sexes, but goddamn if it isn’t true (at least when it comes to the public perception of sex dolls).

Radical fauxmenists will tell you that sex dolls are not only a threat to women, but that they reduce women to their sexual components (while, at the same time, shopping for dildos). What’s even more ironic, is that if the argument that male utility can be replaced by robots, that’s something men learned centuries ago. Why do you think we have unions battling automation? Where men can be replaced, they’ve already been replaced. But, if the only utility ofiered by women, to men, was sex, Las Vegas would look like Detroit by now. The great sex robot takeover would have gone down in the early ‘80s, putting all the sex workers out of business and leaving abandoned brothels all over Nevada. But, as it turns out, "escorts" do just that. Guys enjoy the company of a beautiful woman for more reasons than coitus.

So, these male sex dolls, which are being touted as a straight up "replacement for men" (not "male companionship," not "predatory men," but just "men") are applauded for having "bionic cock." Nowhere in the advertisements regarding sex dolls designed for men is there a claim that the dolls can replace women altogether, rendering them useless to society. The only regressive objection I’ve seen to sex dolls designed for females is that they are "heteronormative," but I’m guessing that this was a buzzword used for garnish, as I’ve never met a gay dude that wants ffacid cock from a fat man (news ffash, bloggers: men don’t care about media representations of body image, otherwise Homer Simpson would have hit the gym at least once).

So, what does this say about gender dynamics?

Well, men want companionship and women want a good, hard cock. The ways in which sex dolls are being marketed speak volumes to the actual desires of men and women, as well as what society is currently lacking in terms of what men and women have to ofier. Unlike the postmodern bullshit that ffoats around in most causal dialogue regarding sex-positivity, gender norms, etc., the reality of our sex drives is currently being measured by the market, and the style of sex dolls being sold reffects (gasp) traditional standards of beauty. As a general rule, women are hypergamous, i.e., they want bigger, better and more. So, they get bionic cock. As a general rule, men are neotenous, meaning that we desire youth and fertility. So, we get Asian girls with giant boobs. Any flrst-year Gender Studies student can argue all they want about how Amy Schumer is just as beautiful as Megan Fox, or how women desire Peter Grin as much as they do Channing Tatum, but the market will decide which dolls sell and which dolls collect dust in the warehouse. Go ahead. Design a flve-foot-flve male sex doll, with a soy body, cardigan sweater, organic scarf and average-to-small-sized cock. Advertise that he comes complete with "bionic respect for women" and a liberal studies degree. See how well that shit sells.

Returning to the beginning of this article, what attracts people to simulation games, such as Second Life? Well, if I’m an overweight, introverted, awkward person in real life, I can either choose to become a strip club DJ and work myself up to Editorial Chief for a kick-ass magazine that appeals to beautiful women, or I could design a Second Life character with chiseled abs, sick afro, business suit and all the stufi that makes ladies wet. The third option, that being a daily workout routine, complete with self-reffection, discipline and responsibility, is achievable, but it takes too much efiort. But, if I put my mind to it and had robotic dick surgery, I could become the man that women are paying to fuck. With enough effort, kindness, exercise and self-awareness, any woman could become the sex doll that their boyfriend replaced them with. And this, my friends, is the curse of the postmodern narrative. Sadly, most people are attracted to physically flt, honest and positive people. Sex dolls are proving this. Otherwise, there would be breast size options on the male dolls and an option for the female dolls to come with recurring billing every few months, backed by the threat of jail time.

The types of sex dolls being marketed speak volumes to what actual men and women are lacking, in terms of sexual marketplace value. You can’t sell water to a flsh. People seek out what is not currently available, to meet needs that aren’t being met. The sex dolls being marketed to women re- ffect a style of man that would be labeled as a proponent of "toxic masculinity" or "alpha male bullshit." In reality, there are only so many sensitive male feminists a girl can take home, before she forgets what it feels like to orgasm. The types of sex dolls being marketed to men would be labeled as "oppressed, silenced" women who are "sex objects" and nothing more. In reality, there are only so many "accept me at my worst and deal with whatever STD I bring home from Coachella" women that a man can date, before he just wants to cut out the bullshit and have someone to cuddle with. Sex dolls are the canary in the gender war coal mine. Go ahead and argue all you want about body image and gender roles, but the market doesn’t lie. Right now, men are paying thousands of dollars to avoid being cheated on, given an STD or having their incomes taken away. Women are paying thousands of dollars for a hard cock, attached to man that doesn’t work at Starbucks.

Post-article disclaimer to make sure folks know I’m not some problematic caveman: does this article completely ignore the LGBT angle? Very much so. But, unlike straight men and women, gay people are judged regarding their bedroom habits almost immediately upon meeting someone, whether overtly or unconsciously. So, I’m just gonna assume that the LGBT community is light years ahead of the straight demographic, in terms of dealing with judgment related to sexual practices. This article is "heteronormative" because, well, the idea of fucking a plastic woman ordered from a website promoted by a monkey who flings poop, or purchasing a robot man with a "bionic dick" are, arguably, topics for straight dudes and hetero chicks.