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xmag.com : November 2002: Hard Justice

While talking politics with someone the other day, I was chastised for voting for Ralph Nader instead of Al Gore. It was implied that all the big-eared, Yale-frat-boy, orangutan-style foreign policy we now find ourselves wallowing in was somehow all my fault.

Let's set the record straight. If you voted for Gore, you're either a pussy-mouthed, capitulating faggot, or violently misinformed. Or both--they seem to hold hands quite a bit.

The Democratic Party doesn't act any differently than the Republican Party. They both do their best to enrich our bosses instead of us; both support the WTO, GATT, and oil-based power. They both have it in for the art, music, and films we love. Gore's wife was responsible for the attempted pogrom of fringe-rock in the mid-eighties through her organization, the Parents Music Resource Center, in Senate hearings presided over by Gore himself. Gore's running mate Joseph Lieberman has gone on record praising Pat Robertson and has came out in favor of banning such wildly pornographic bands as The Black Crowes and Blues Traveler. While in the Senate, he even attempted to enforce a legally binding ratings system on all music.

Vote for those scumbags? What, am I an idiot? Has our democracy sunk to such depths that if I refuse to vote for someone whose politics make me puke, I'm "selling out our country?" Nonsense.

Need more proof? Think about this: Gore believes that it's perfectly reasonable to lock people up for growing pot, and yet he used to smoke pot on a regular basis. Who's the sellout? Why would I vote for someone who wants to send my friends to jail for something as innocuous as growing hemp? That would be a ridiculous breach of my ethics.

Gore is a born-again Christian. Uhh, doesn't that mean he's insane? Doesn't that mean that if he supports gay rights as much as everyone thinks he does, he's either a hypocrite or a liar? Which one is it? I don't feel comfortable voting for anyone

who claims to be born-again. That's like saying you can fly. Would you vote for someone if they told you they could fly, or they had magical roller-skates that let them shoot "power beams" from their eyes? Uh, no.

Nader, on the other hand, supports the legalization of drugs, the abolition of the WTO, and national health care. Nader has proven over the last forty-odd years that, unlike Gore, he cannot be corrupted. Nader lives in a two-bedroom apartment, lives on a $25,000-a-year salary, and donates his speaking fees to charity. He has spent his entire life campaigning for people like me. Poor people.

Nader reminds me of a penitent kung-fu monk who wanders the countryside spreading justice like Kwai Chang Caine. He stands up for the little people and for giving food and money to broken-down, overworked families. He doesn't start fights, he just finishes them.

People claim that Gore is an environmentalist. Oh, is that why he supports the WTO and refuses to even consider growing hemp for fiber and fuel? That's why he quietly did away with "dolphin-safe" tuna laws? That's why he shills for Monsanto? Tell me another story, Grandpa.

People will tell you that Nader cost Gore the election. In a post election interview, Nader answered this allegation by saying, "No, Gore cost himself the election." Didn't it ever occur to anyone that perhaps Gore lost the election because he's a piece of shit? Because people had problems with his voting record? Maybe they weren't willing to give Lieberman the power to outlaw and blacklist their favorite records? I'd rather believe that, and put my faith in democracy, than believe that Nader brainwashed ten million people.

I didn't vote for Gore or Bush because they both represent everything I hate about the current state of government: money, greed, and the wholesale slaughter of our land and free culture. I resent even paying taxes to the government. Why would I use the only tool of change I have, my one vote, to help perpetuate it?

The answer is: I won't. I'll never vote for a Democrat again. I'll vote Green, Libertarian, or Socialist. My conscience is clear.

How's yours?





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