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xmag.com : April 2003: What's Your Fucking Problem?

I love Tom Leykis (Hottalk 1080). He's all about teaching boys to be men and not putting up with bullshit in the goofy game of gettin' some. Lots of folks think he's a sexist, macho prig, but he is right on the money most of the time when talking about how to get around the dumb dating dance and into the sweet and squeezy prize b'twixt our witchy thighs. But he is guilty of perpetuating a myth that rankles me to the core: the myth that women don't want to fuck as much as men, that we lure men into monogamous relationships only to dry up sexually and refuse their cockworthy advances. It is utter crap.

I'm not talking about folks who have kids and house payments, the woman packing on fifty pounds, both of them working constantly until they barely recognize each other on the rare Sundays they get five minutes to stare numbly over their coffee cups at each other. I'm talking from my own childless young-and-hot-bodied life experience.

Those of you who know me know I worship the cock. And when I say that I worship the cock, I fucking mean it. And there are a whole lot of us out there in the world. I understand that the honeymoon ends and all that, but for me, and others of libidinous likeness to me, I'm the one who stays horny while my men find things in the garage, on television or at work to consume their attentions. Most of my male friends have admitted to me that they lose interest in their women, sometimes because they crave new territory. I can totally dig that. Be a man, admit it, and go get you some new pussy. To be fair, not all men lose their perpetual hard-ons for wives and girlfriends because they want new pussy. The little boy who clenches his hands in prayer to Santa to please please pleaaaaase bring him a horny girl won't be as excited to play with her a year later as he is on Christmas morning. Totally normal, I understand, but why preach that the opposite is true?

Now, some women are guilty of programming men to expect an expiration date on blowjobs in the car and squeals of pleasure at a hot load on our tits. Lots of girls fake it, and shame on you if you do. But every single relationship I've been in, from 6 months to 6 years, I have been told at one point or another that there is something wrong with me. That I'm "weird". "Why do you want to have sex so much ?" "Why is it so important to you to have it every day?" I've been accused of being molested and not dealing with it, that my desire to screw my brains out with the man I'm monogamous with is a way of reenacting the event in a safe environment. Again, utter crap. Please guys, it isn't like I jerk off until my clit tears open or I need several partners or dildos every blessed time. I just want some dick every day. What's the big deal?

It's common knowledge that around twenty-five or so, you boys cop a nut and it's snack time, nap time. That's nature and I can't blame you for that. But stop accusing us of being messed up when we want to fuck more than you. If it makes you feel threatened or inadequate , get over it and admit you can't keep up with the demand. I can take that way better than hearing a bunch of dorks whining on the radio about how they want a hot, horny chick and are stuck with a dry, bitchy one. Fuck you. You can't handle one of us. You might be able to fake it for a minute, but in the longrun, you'll be pushing her away because you're reaaaaally tired and you just want to watch TV. Be a

man and admit it.

I still love Tom Leykis. Though I've never heard him admit to the existence of real live hot horny females out-fucking their partners, he admits that when he guffaws about cold-cunted and manipulative women, he's referring to about 60% of the female population, not all of us. And he is certainly not talking about me. xo--Demi






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