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In 1993 Lennard Davis wrote an essay in The Nation on erotica becoming more socially acceptable for the middle and upper classes. He also noted a major change regarding the butt. "An orifice that has taken a back seat for so long now also has its heyday--the anal sphincter. Not simply an organ to be penetrated by homosexuals, who have been particularly maligned with the implication of sodomy in recent debates about military service, the anus has become in the nineties the least common denominator of an ethos of sexuality. It has become the universal organ; everyone has one."

On the front lines of fantasy out there in the real world, south of the border is still somewhat taboo, like whatever is in the hidden zone is a combination of the CIA, the devil and Abbie Hoffman in the sixties wiping his ass with the American flag. But clearly it is no longer just the rule breakers who are drawn to the much maligned aperture of love and rage.

Where would porno be, not to mention humankind, without this "universal organ?" What Davis noticed as a trend ten years ago continues to accelerate with no end in sight. The only ground untouched is the surrogate anus, though I suppose that too could have been rented out by now.

Aside from the niche fetish markets, porn is all anal all the time. Guys, and some women, too, just can't get enough of it. For example, among the sixty top-selling DVD's listed in AVN last month are the anal-themed Buttman Bendover Babes 6, Rocco's True Anal Stories 18, All Dat Jazz 8, Sodomania 29, Euro Angels Hardball 19, Double Parked, When Vivid Girls Go Anal and Service Animals 12, among many, many others. I think Sodomania, with 29 releases, might be the longest anal series, but I can't be too sure, given the endless proliferation of releases on this favored theme. Every anal avenue seems to have been explored, other than a butt fuck gang bang by necrophiliacs in a graveyard.

I'd say one of the better anal releases of the last 48 hours is Fast Times at Deep Crack High 10 (Celestial Productions). This upside down driving and spooled out crack banging bonanza features Brittany Alexander, Cassie Marie and a few other cheerleaders. The forever lame line from one of the teachers to Brittany--"My class is graded on attendance. I might have to fail you." --bags the cheerleader into a crease grease festival to make up for her cutting class.

Along the same lines on the skool daze front is Co-Ed

Devirginizations (Palm Productions), a stupid title for a so-so DVD. Jezaree Robs is the hottest looking girl in this pleated-skirt crew asking to get her cherry busted. "I'm going to put it in your vagina," Mr. Woodman says. "I've never had that done before," Jezaree coos. Luckily, the sex is far better than the dialog.

Since this is Exotic's special anal issue I think it's an appropriate time for your dirty DVD reviewer to make a confession: I've never butt-fucked a woman. Nor have I ever been butt-fucked by a dick, dildo, banana, cucumber or the barrel of a Colt .45. The only thing that'll ever be stuffed up my ass is the flag of surrender.

Now I have nothing against the Rear Admiral. It's just not my thing. In my heavy sex days back in the sixties and seventies, it never came up with any of the women who passed through my life. But when I was about 26 or 27, I did have a thrilling experience that has stayed with me. This girl slipped down my body, kept slipping down and shoved her tongue up my ass. My, my, there is something new on the sexual horizon, I thought. I figured if she could do it I could do it and found I really liked it. I'm proud to say I introduced quite a few women to this tasty tongue twittering and most of them replied in kind. After that, if a girl wasn't into rimming and getting rimmed, there wasn't any point in sticking around.

Call me the sensitive-retro type, but it just seems to me that most women prefer the butterfly to the hammer.







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