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xmag.com : June 2003: The J-Mack Report

by J. Mack
It's that time again to put ya'll up on what's been crackin' in the entertainment world. Currently ya boy J.Mack is in Los Angeles, California, working on my new album. I have also been performing throughout Southern Cal and it's been a blast. At the same time, I still have my ear to the streets and my eyes on the entire game. In this month's article, I'll be letting you know what's goin' on in Portland, LA and nationally.
First Up - National News
Nelly Victimized by Charity Fraud
The very next day after the multi-platinum rap superstar announced that he was launching a nationwide search for a bone marrow donor for his sister, Jackie Donahue, he learned that some punk ass imposters were trying to steal money meant for the cause. These charity poachers were apparently making phone calls to raise funds in the Los Angeles area and in Nelly's hometown of St. Louis. What makes this situation real fucked to me is that, if his sister dies because some generous people gave their hard-earned money to some bullshitters instead of the actual charity, they may change their minds about donating money in the future. A spokesperson for Nelly and his sister said, "Jackie is disappointed but strong in faith, and believes that the imposters will get what they deserve from a higher power."
On Wednesday, May 14th, in St. Louis, Nelly and his sister Jackie announced her immediate need for a bone marrow donor and formed the charity organization "Jes Us 4 Jackie". If you or someone you know would like to make a legitimate donation to help Nelly's sister, the only way to do so is to visit their website jesus4jackie.com. Good luck to ya'll. One!!!
Dennis Rodman--
What I'm wondering is which one of them wore the wedding dress? Anyway, the former NBA bad boy was recently married on his 42nd birthday to Michelle Moyer. The couple met at a bar four years ago and have two children. They exchanged vows in a quiet civil ceremony in Newport Beach, California. Now they are planning a huge celebration at the beach on June 14th, and guess what? "Everybody's invited," says Rodman. He told the Los Angeles Times that there will be a big concert. The neighbors of Mr. Rodman aren't too pleased with the announcement of this party because the police have been called to his house more than 70 times for noise complaints. They're probably mad because they weren't invited!
This is Rodman's third marriage. Last time he tied the knot with Carmen Electra's sexy ass. Hope it works out this time dogg...
Local Shizz
Before I came down to LA, I had the chance to check out a new Hip-Hop spot in the P-Town. It takes place on Tuesday nights at the Ash Street Club. It's located in downtown Portland on S.W. 2nd & Ash. They have a live band that plays behind some of the tightest rappers in the city. The night I went to the club, I was called to the stage to participate in a free-style session. I was cool wit' that 'cause ya boy got skillz. But why did this cat try to call me out to battle. I was like "this boy is in for a verbal ass whoopin'" because free-styling is one of my many areas of expertise. He started it off by calling me a cracked out Bobby Brown look-a-like. After he said that shit, it was seriously on!!! I hit him with both barrels. "You're a Hip-Hop Scarecrow with stinky dreads......and he was born out the ass of a Chicken-head!!!" I can't really remember everything I said to old boy, but everybody in the Ash Street was crackin' up. Even his homies were laughing. I swear it was like some 8 Mile type of shit that night. Plus it was all in fun. When I get back to Portland, I plan to holla at those catz about doing a local showcase in which I will be inviting A&R reps from various record lables to check out the talent. So if you not doing nothing on Tuesdays, be sure to check it out. You won't be mad....
Honey of the Month--Iesha
This supa-dupa fly Redbone is about to go to school to become a master chef. She'll definitely be the hottest chick in the restaurant business. I want dinner when you graduate ma.... One Love.
Unit next month, ya'll keep it crackin'
One Love,





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