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xmag.com : October 2003: The J-Mack Report

Whatz up ya'll? It's that cat from the 'hood that's known for keepin' it real like the air that you breathe. In this month's article, I'll again be doing just that! I've never been the one to bite my tongue on how I feel about the entertainment business and the people in it. I'll give credit where credit is due, and I always call it how I see it. In this issue I'll be addressing the recent violence that has been occurring in the rap game, the things that women want, and also whatz crackin' on the local scene.



First Up--Egos, Bullets and Investigations

In my opinion, who gives a fuck about who is the tightest rapper if being tight will get you hated on to the point that people want you dead? The verbal battling on records is cool to an extent, but when it leads to someone's ego getting so crushed that they want to kill you just to feel better it makes me sick to my stomach. Last month two lives were lost and others were threatened in the industry. After a man linked to 50 Cent was murdered, a few days later one of Murder Inc.'s newest artists, D.O. Cannon was gunned down. He was hit with two bullets to the chest and one to the leg. By the time his friend was able to get him to the hospital, it was too late. In the days following these two deaths, 50 Cent and members of his entourage were apparently shot at while going into a Double Tree Hotel in Jersey City. Luckily no one was hurt but this shit has got to stop. You would think that motha-fuckas would have learned from what happened to Tupac and Biggie. There have been no arrests made in any of the incidents but the police are following up on many leads and continuing their investigations.


Next Up--What Women Want From Men

Every woman wants honesty even though some men are scared to be truthful. Most women may already know the truth, but they just want to hear it from you. If your relationship isn't crackin' fellas and you want to put some spice back in it, here's how. First of all we must have the ability to listen to our girl and be able to read between the lines. Even in a heated conversation or an argument you must keep your male ego out of it and be the man and the friend she really wants. Sometimes us men get so caught up in the things that we are doing that we forget we're even in a relationship. For the most part, women love a hard-working man that's trying to make it in life, but they still want to be reminded that you care about them. Women also want to be surprised and spoiled by their men on days other than just Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and Mothers' Day. Women want a man that knows how to be romantic and affectionate. Some cats may think that's corny and dumb, yet these are the same cats that are having problems with their girls right now. Me personally, I love to give baby oil back rubs and chill with my babe in a candle lit bubble bath listening to slow jams. That's the shit!!!


Party Over Where?

It's taking place Friday, October 17th , 2003 at the Fuel Nightclub

@ 1338 NW Hoyt. It's a Libra Joint and a CD Listening Party. Plus I'll be performing some of my new joints live! The cuts will be provided by my DJ partna Mr. Mosaic. Dress Code in Full Effect!!! 21& Over Baby...It's all love!


Honey of the Month

Trinity, stay fly and congrats girl!

I'll see you at my party on the 17th. Until next month, be safe and keep it crackin'!!!


One Love,







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