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xmag.com : November 2003: The J-Mack Report

by J. Mack


What up peoples? It's ya boy Jay with the scoop on whatz crackin', what was crackin', and whatz about to be crackin'! If you weren't at my birthday party, I'm sure you probably heard about it. In this month's article I'll be letting you know how it all went down. I'll also be addressing the communication gaps in the local music scene and letting the City know about the new "Kitty" on the block.


First Up -- My Big Phat Libra Joint

It was everything that a party should be! My birthday couldn't have been any better. My day started with a big ass breakfast with NO PORK! I got my grub on for real. Plus the sun was out and my day was going smoother than a shaved coochie. I had to drop off a few more invitations before going to Club Fuel to set up for the night's event. After that was done, I jetted to the hizzle to change my gear. When I returned to the club it was about 11:30pm and it was already jammed packed. I was trippin' off the love and shocked as hell to see that many people down to celebrate and kick it wit' me. My DJ partna L.B. aka Mr. Mosaic had the place jumpin' off the block! My playa partna Darin and my big homies on the security squad made sure the whole night was cool, without any form of drama. My cousin' Sonni of N Style Photography had prepared a tight ass slide show than ran on the big screens throughout the club. My moms was even poppin' it at the party. It was on and "Crackin'" in a major way. Much love to all my family, my friends and my business associates that made My Libra Joint a night to remember.


Next Up -- Pink Kitty's

It's new, it's sexy and it has class. In the words of Missy Elliott, this place is "Supa-Dupa Fly." It's Portland's newest lingerie shop. What I think is cool about Pink Kitty's is that the owner and manager of the place decided to switch from working for lingerie modeling shops to opening up her own business. There are a lot of women in this industry that work for an employer who's never done this type of work himself or herself. Therefore, some of these individuals lack the understanding it takes to relate to the wants and needs of their employees. Having been a lingerie model for several years, Nadia (founder of Pink Kitty's) has and knows what it takes to make her shop a huge $UCCE$$. Congratulations baby!!! I'm very proud of you. You said you were gonna do it and you did it! I love that!


The Gaps in the Game

The Hip-Hop culture has, for the most part, bridged thousands of gaps in the music and film industry. With the music from various rap artists in heavy and constant demand, the popularity of rap and R&B continues to grow. It has grown to the point that the clubs that years ago refused to play it now need it to survive. Some of these owners still don't understand the culture, yet hire DJ's who play 90% hip-hop, thus drawing a hip-hop crowd. The things some of these owners don't understand cause uncertainties or fear, and what they fear they either get rid of or change to their liking. I feel they should take the time to get to know this powerful culture, especially if it's part of their livelihood. Introductions, handshakes and conversations are key steps in bridging communication gaps in all walks of life. If more people could sit down and talk about their differences and intellectually obtain a comfortable balance, we wouldn't be at war right now! Feel me?


Honey of the Month -- Maleen

She is a very warm hearted honey who is just as beautiful inside as she is outside. Her personality is also something very special. Congrats Girl!!!


Future Joints

I am currently in the planning stages of a one-year anniversary party for Whatz Crackin'? It will be jumpin' off sometime in December. I'll keep you posted. I will also be droppin' a new CD at that party. Don't miss it!


Until next month, ya'll keep it Crackin'!

Holla back at whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com


One Love,






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