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xmag.com : March 2004 : The J-Mack Report

It's on again ya'll, and in this month's article I'll be asking your opinion on the Janet Jackson situation as well as put you up on whatz crackin locally in the music biz. I'll also be letting you know about some nightclub do's and don'ts... There's a new column that I'm adding to my article next month called "The Late Nighter". It's something for my readers to get involved with. Each month I will feature a different story from one of my readers about a late night booty call gone bad, or good! Email me your story at: whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com


First Up -- Ms. Jackson's Titty


Daaamn Baby! I have always wondered what they looked like, along with every other cat I know, but to see one of them so unexpected was a real treat. Even though the Panthers lost, I was comforted by the memory of the half-time titty. Some people say that it was staged, and some say it was an accident, but either way, I think that Justin Timberlake should have also been banned from the Grammy's since he did reveal the titty in the first place. If you missed it live, I got it right here!!!


Next Up -- Nightclub Shiznit


First of all, we have all been to a nightclub before and have seen some crazy shit go down. I personally find some of it extremely funny, while some shit is just out right stupid. For instance, the catz that get mad at the honeys for not giving out their phone numbers. These motha-fuckas crack me up. They buy a couple drinks and for the most part hold a fairly decent conversation. Soon as they don't get the number they wanted, they turn into totally different people. How many of you honeys have heard this before? "Oh I can't get your number? Well fuck you then bitch." How weak is that??? Here's some advice for you no-game-having bastards that do that dumb shit. Women hate to be sweated by men, so you can't seem too fuckin' eager to hook up with her. Just go with the flow and try to make a friend connection, instead

of embarrassing yourself and making an enemy. Women love a challenge, and a man with class. The also have a lot of love for us men, and they just want to know that we love them as well. Trust me on this one!!! See you at the Club!


Peace 2 Rasheed


A couple of weeks ago, the Portland Trail Blazers traded Rasheed Wallace to the Atlanta Hawks. Me and Sheed have been friends for a while and I wish him well in the ATL. I strongly believe that he wasn't happy here and so many people in the media were straight doggin him. In my opinion he is one of the best players in the NBA, and hopefully his new team will give him the chance to quiet any and every critic that has ever had something bad to say about him. Break 'em off somethin' Famm and holla at ya boy. ONE!!!


Until next month, ya'll keep it crackin'!!!


One Love,








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