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xmag.com : April 2004: The J-Mack Report

What up ya'll? It's ya boy Mack, and in this month's column I'll be giving you the 411 about the brand new 21 Wayz CD. I'm telling you, this joint got cutz! I'll also let you know whatz crackin' around town, because I don't want you to miss out on Mr. Meth. I also included some words of encouragement to all my female readers out hustling and struggling in the adult industry!


First Up -- Method Man Returns to Portland


That's right ya'll! Wu Tang's own Method Man will be in the Rose City to perform Live! He will be downtown at the Roseland Theater located on 6th & Burnside, Wednesday April 28th, 2004. This promises to be one of the hottest concerts of the spring!!! Also performing that night will be Portland's own Cool Nutz and Mr. Maniac Loc. Yours truly, J. Mack, will also be hittin' the stage wit' some new heat! I'll be performing with a live band, accompanied by two hip-hop producers that throw down 4 REAL!!! Also rockin' wit' me will be the World Famous DJ CHILL and New York's own DJ MELLO CEE!!! Up-and-coming female artist the Warfield Project will be doing her thang as well!!! For tickets to the Method Man show, call (503) 224-TIXX. The After Party will be at THE ICON on N.W. 6th & Davis. Don't miss this one baby!!!


Next Up -- 21 Wayz Productions


These catz have definitely found the formula for making cutz. 21 Wayz 2004 will hit the streetz and record stores just in time for summer. It was executive produced by Brian Hunter and is jam-packed wit' some heavy hittin' tracks. The World Famous DJ CHILL produced most of the CD, and once again Chillest Illest shows why he is one of the best producers and lyricists. The multi-talented JAZZU also came with some crazy heat!!! A track called "Came Up" which is a true testimony of his life is one of my per

sonal favorites. This cat is hot!!! 21 Wayz also features: K-Dubb, L. Styles, U.G., Rose, Bobbie Fine, Capitol Guaran' T, Twisted Insane, Cool Nutz, Risky Rich, Chocolate B., Sincere, Kola loc, and MJG. All of the producers on this one came wit' it, and so did all of the artists. The CD release date is set for June 2004. Pick it up when it drops!!! You won't be mad... I'm Out!


Ladies in the Game


In what is said to be a man's world, slowly but surely more and more women are coming up! Most of the time some of us men don't take the time to give you your props, ladies, but I've seen your struggle with trying to pay bills, raise kids, and balance relationships. I've seen you get hated on for no real reason at all. I've heard the verbal abuse that you receive while just trying to live your life. Please don't stop being the beautiful beings that you are. Sometimes people can treat you so bad that you no longer know how to be happy. That's when you must block everything out and love yourself and those that truly love you. Never let anyone or anything break your spirit!!! Reach for your dreams and let nothing get in your way. Most catz won't say these things to you, but I will, because I Love You!!! Keep up the good work ladies!!! I'll holla at ya later...


Until next month, ya'll keep it crackin', and if you need to reach me, hit me up at whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com


One Love,







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