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xmag.com : June 2004: Sex & Violence

The moonlight dances across her muscular flesh as she does a slow strip tease in the dark motel room. She kicks her clothes into a corner with her feet and then looks at the man across from her, signaling him to undress. He too does a strip tease, arousing the passion within her. Once he is naked, they step toward each other… And then they fight!

Nude wrestling, nude boxing, and nude brawling are the latest sex fads. For the spectator, it’s both sexy and violent. For the participant, it’s an adrenaline rush of danger and the thrill of victory.

Nude wrestling is very much a sport down here in the South, although you won’t find it in the sports pages. Underground circuits exist, and wrestlers of both genders are available. I personally enjoy wrestling the Amazons, and I love to watch two petite girls go at it.

Procedure for Setting Up a Match

Most matches are tailor-made and the only audience is the client. The adventure begins by finding a promoter. Promoters aren’t listed in the yellow pages per se, but if you look at the escort services, massage parlors, strip joints, and other places that traffic in sexual exploits, you will likely find someone who knows someone who can arrange a match.

After finding the promoter, the client asks for a particular kind of match. Some want girl/girl, others want mixed. Some want it in oil; others want it to take place on a living room rug. Some want a barroom show, but most want a for-my-eyes-only affair. Usually, the semi-public shows are relatively tame, for no one knows who’s watching; however, the private matches are incredibly unpredictable.

In all cases, the client sets the agenda and then the wrestlers negotiate the details. In some cases, the client wants to get involved. Most clients are out of shape and tend to give up quickly, but they enjoy the rush the fighters feel, as well as the feel of the fighters.

Clients have a variety of tastes. I typically end up in a three-some. Usually, the action begins with the two girls wrestling for the dominant position. This may take a couple of minutes, but it is usually over quickly. The winner then catches her breath and tries to take me. If she starts to lose, she may tag her partner (people like to see the male lose).

Although nude wrestling is sporting, some nude fighting is not. I have had one girl hold my hands behind my back while another pummeled my stomach. She was only supposed to throw one punch, and I was ready for it, but she let loose with several shots.


The rules vary considerably, and you will want to know the rules up front. In some cases, I have been asked not to hit hard enough to bruise; in other cases, the goal was to leave as many tattoos as possible on the other’s body.

Some fights have a lot of rules; others have virtually none. The secret to a good fighter is that he/she is able to respect the other person as a human being, but that he/she has no qualms about using the maximum allowed force to win.

Although it is considered nude fighting, many times the matches begin with clothes; some even end that way. Sometimes the beauty of the match isn’t the skin itself, but the anticipation of seeing skin.

As a fighter, I don’t care if either I or my opponent have clothes. I can tell you from experience that blows hurt just as bad either way, and when you are aiming punches, you don’t have time to appreciate your opponent’s physical beauty. It is only when one person is on the verge of winning—such as when she is straddling my face with her tits flopping in front of me—that I begin to get turned on by her nudity.

The Business Side of Fighting

Costs vary. The more violent the match is, the more you can expect to pay. The more skin that is exposed, the more you can expect to pay. In my part of the country, you can have a nude roll-around match for $300-$400. If you want an all-out fight, expect to pay about $1,000 per fighter.

Promoting matches is a lucrative business, and many escort services offer girls willing to catfight. If a fight goes for $300, the promoter will likely get a third and each wrestler will get a third. Sometimes, the promoter will give a 2-for-1 deal, offering both people for what one escort would normally cost.

Sometimes fees are negotiated up front and sometimes they are contingent on the action. For instance, you might pay an extra $50 up front for a topless match. Meanwhile, you might make a deal that if either fighter draws blood, that person will receive an extra $100. One fighter usually takes the lead in negotiating the rules, the other adds her stipulations, and then all three parties—the client and the two fighters—agree on the deal.

Money typically changes hands before the fight begins. If incentives are available, they are typically put on a table. After the battle, they are divvied accordingly.

The promoter is the middle-man. The promoter’s job is to bring the client and the fighters together. In many cases this can be done with a couple of phone calls. In other cases, the promoter will find a spot for the fight or the promoter will arrange transportation for the fighters to the client’s location of choice. Although sometimes the promoter shows up in person—who doesn’t want to watch two girls going at it?—most of the time the promoter is out of sight. Sometimes the promoter is in the motel room next door or in a car outside, available to rescue his cash cow in case things get out of hand.

I encourage everyone to arrange a match or engage in one. You don’t know what you are missing until you try it!





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