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xmag.com : August 2004 : The J-Mack Report

What up ya'll? It's ya boy Mack, back in Las Vegas and it's 105 degrees outside right now. It seriously feels good to be in an air conditioned spot!!! The 702 ain't no joke in the summer ya'll. 4-REAL!!! This month I got some cool shit to put you up on, including my end-of-the-month fly-ass party at the new Safari Club. Rick has really hooked the Club up. If you missed the Pimps & Ho's Party, I'm sure you heard about it. It was on and crackin'!!! In this article, I'll also be addressing the problems that black nightclub owners and promoters are still dealing with when it comes to the OLCC.


First Up -- The Vegas Scene


(Insert Picture of Las Vegas at Night)


It's hot, it's fly, and it's fast. It's also my type of town. Portland and Las Vegas are like night and day. I love my hometown and everything, but it's so boring at times. Everywhere you go you see the same people talking the same shit they were talking the last time you saw 'em. In Vegas, it's a different crowd every other night, and the real G's and Fee's out number the haters by far. People are seriously makin' moves down here!!! That's the shit that keeps me motivated. The nightclubs here are top of the line. They're plushed out with a lot of serious class. Some of the clubs in Portland remind me of old hick bars with a few lights and a DJ. It's a trip traveling back and forth between the two cities, because they are both so different. When I am away from Portland, one thing that I do miss is the "greenery," if you know what I mean!!!


Next Up -- Whatz Wrong with the OLCC


In previous articles, I have mentioned how the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has often picked on various establishments that cater to African Americans. After talking to a good friend of mine who is one of the co-owners of the Red Sea, I was informed that they're still up to they're dirty tactics. This shit has got to stop. They have told club owners that if they play hip-hop music, the crowd has to dress other than hip-hop. They make up new rules every other day for clubs that play rap music.

It was brought to my attention years ago how the OLCC really felt about black people in general. This information came from a white bar owner whom I was doing business with. He had attended a meeting with the OLCC with other club and bar owners who were white. At this meeting, he and the other white businessmen and women were told by an OLCC official, "We don't want any niggers promoting or running any nightclubs in downtown Portland period!" It's sad to say, but that's the fucked-up mentality we're up against. Just because you don't understand someone's music or culture, what gives you the right to try and destroy it? These bastards are probably mad at the fact that their kids love hip-hop, and it ain't shit they can do about it, except to use their punk ass jobs to close down hip-hop establishments. Here's some food for thought for you racist assholes on the Liquor Commission. Your organization will never be able to slow down a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, no matter how fuckin' hard you try!!! Hip-hop, reggae, and R&B are here forever so please don't forget that. Even most white establishments need this music if they plan on making money in the entertainment business. So STOP the HATRED!!!

Somethin' for the HONEYS


It's jumpin' off at the all-new Safari Club, located at 3000 SE Powell. Every last Sunday of the month I will be hosting a Honey of the Month Contest. We will be looking for beautiful outgoing honeys from all parts of the city to enter this competition. There will be cash and prizes awarded to the winner of each month's contest. The winner will also be featured in my "Whatz Crackin'" column. For more info, reach me at: whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com or call the Safari Club at (503) 231-9199.


Until next month, ya'll keep it crackin'!!!


One Love,







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