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xmag.com : September 2004 : The J-Mack Report

It's that time again baby for ya boy to put you up on whatz really crackin' around the town. In this month's article I'll be focusing on a few Portland spots that are definitely worth checking out. I also had the chance to interview one of the hottest DJ's in the adult entertainment business. This cat ain't NO JOKE!


First Up-- The Session


My homie Tim Phillips is doing it real BIG every Wednesday night at the ICON. He calls it The Session. There's a live band jammin' throughout the night and open mic poetry. Tim told me "Portland has been needing another place for people to showcase their spoken-word skills and hear some excellent live music. The ICON has just that." The Session will also be catered, and the food is absolutely free, so come early. Doors open at 9:30pm and the show starts at 10:30pm. The cover charge is only $5. No jerseys and no caps. Dress fly baby and I'll see ya'll there... I'm out!!!


Next Up-- DJ FAM-FAM


I make it fun, and girls around town love how we're changin' the Game! --DJ Fam-Fam


As far as a DJ goes, he's "On Point!" When it comes to being an MC and a host, DJ Fam-Fam shows a lot of love, and definitely has Skilllllz! I was at the Boom Boom Room West a couple weeks ago promoting my party, and Fam-Fam was playing nothing but cutz! One thing I noticed is that he is one of very few strip club DJ's who plays a lot of music by local artists. That was some cool shit to see! Big ups to you for that!

Later that night I had a chance to holla at the homie and ask him a few questions.


Q. How do you describe your style, Fam-Fam? And what differentiates you from some of the other DJ's in this industry?

A. I keep it real for the people, and I'm not afraid to play what they want to hear!

Q. The ladies here tonight seem to be really enjoying the energy you bring to the Boom Boom Room. Do you find it hard trying to please everybody?

A. I make it fun, and girls around town love how we're changin' the game.

Q. Who are some of the local Portland artists that we might hear you spinnin' at the club?

A. Some of that Maniac Lok, some YG, and of course some Kan't B Caught.

Q. What advice would you give to local rappers that are truly trying to get in the game?

A. Just be yourselves, and don't try to sound like the BAY!


I had a good ass time that night kickin' at the Boom Boom Room with DJ Fam-Fam, aka "The People's Choice!" Big ups to Aspen the sexy bartender, too. You make a bomb ass Spanish Coffee girl! Much love also goes out to the sensuous entertainers, Talia, Kylie, Gwen and Marla. Keep it crackin' ya'll!


Introducing the VIPER Room


This new club is the shiznit! The Viper Room has it all, from five state-of-the-art hi-definition BIG screen TV's to the futuristic decor (with rock, steel & metal) and an open kitchen. The Viper Room has two levels, with the upstairs set up for live music! Founder and designer Mike Pifher plans to open the doors in early September. Those Exotica Catz have done it again... The Viper Room is located at 720 SE Hawthorne. Make sure to check it out, because that's whatz crackin'" on the eastside! 4-REAL!!!


Next Month


Make sure you check in next month, because I will have pictures of the Honey of the Month. If you were at my party at the Safari Club, you might see yourself. I'll holla!


Happy Anniversary


I got to give a shout out to the coolest catz and chicks in the magazine business. Happy anniversary to everybody who works at Exotic Magazine, and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to write for you. I look forward to another year of bringing the public the scoop on whatz crackin' around the town! Let's stay #1 baby! Big ups to all of my readers, and thanks for your continued support. For any questions or comments, hit me at whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com.


Until next month, y'all keep it crackin'!!!


One Love,








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