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xmag.com : October 2004 : I Love Las Vegas

Fuck the vote. It may be your last chance.

You might think it's silly to care which talking head takes the reins of this country come 2005, but I believe it matters. And, call me a dreamer, I believe my vote counts. And, call me paranoid, I believe John boring-ass Kerry is the only hope for this country.

My reasoning is simple. I believe our country should be respectful of individuals-- individuals' thoughts, needs and dreams. I believe government should facilitate the ability of its citizens to think, fulfill their needs, and dream. And I believe the administration of George W. Bush--contrary to the "small government" promises of his Republican Party's charter--is against this. From what I've seen the Bush administration prefers impersonal all-powerful corporate control, prefers to think of the economy in macro rather than micro terms, prefers citizens to fall in line like zombies.

Americans are not of one mind. They are not of one faith. They are not of one tradition. Americans who feel they should have the right to tell other Americans how to live (i.e. not be gay, not have abortions, not be a Mexican immigrant laborer, etc.) are anti-democracy and anti-Republican. And they are voting for Bush. If you like thinking for yourself, you need to vote against him.

I believe if George W. and Co. are allowed another four years, they will perfect their restrictive Taliban-like social hegemony, will expand their corporate-sponsored oligarchy, will sacrifice the dreams of our nation's billions on the altar of capitalistic greed.

Capitalism is good. Small government is good. Although the Republican Party champions both, they would have that the responsibility that comes with power is absent in capitalism, is anti-small government. That they have amassed so much power in the last four god-awful years is terrifying. I believe that another four will fuck us irrevocably.

Lately I've been listening to the liberal talk shows at work. Lately when they take a break from Bush-bashing they've been calling for a ban on assault weapons. Nobody needs semi-automatic rifles, they say. Unless--PATTI HEARST!--you need to take back the power your government has wrested from you.

But wait. Wrested from whom? Who is goddamn voting here? It better be you, strippers, rockers, whores. And you better be voting against Bush. You will be wearing the equivalent of a burkha after four more years of G.W. The prospect of gainful employment with respectable compensation and freedom to choose freedom could soon be dim memories.

It is up to you to Fuck the Vote, Exotic readers. Bush & Co.'s money is very persuasive. It's already convinced many of us that our voices will never be heard. But don't give in just yet. Buy an assault rifle just in case, and in the meantime give away table dances to boys who register--at the bar!--to vote. Democrat.

There really is no option this year, folks. The whole fucking world is holding its breath. Get Bush out before it's too late. Here is an Election 2004 haiku for you:


Vote for Kerry.

And buy an assault rifle--

Before it's too late.


P.S. Your voice counts at Exotic. Just look at Frank H.! He lobbied tirelessly for an Editor's Page of naughty Viva pix. After months of waging an expensive campaign, he won! You can, too.






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