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xmag.com : November 2004 : Exotic Art


From stripper luminary to burlesque babe to bicoastal barfly, Mona Superhero has reincarnated herself more than Chucky in Child's Play. Her latest creation, Mona Superhero International Art Star, is her best to date.

Mo's gorgeous, intricate works in duct tape are absolute candy to the art crowd. On gallery walls voodoo deities dance next to Hawaiian orgies, cats and snakes rub up against roller girls, siamese twins pose half-nude on the beach or ritually murder each other in flowery kimonos. A recent work portrays a gorgeously attired geisha gracefully wielding a coke straw next to a man's naked torso, a mountain of cocaine billowing atop his enormous erect cock.

Mo whipped out her exacto knife two short years ago to give life to the beautiful visions born of her messed up mind: skeletons guard black holes to alternate galaxies, a wolf headed vamp fingers a huge blunt, teens in short shorts rollerskate through a matrix towards an Islamic temple buried in a rainbow of technicolor clouds.

There's much much more to Mona's work than meets the eye. What first appears eye candy is a marvelously intricate melee of sinister subtexts, as in the bright yellow 3' by 5' work featuring a seventies sylph who poses elegantly on the edge of time. You have to look twice to notice there's a shark subtly rendered--IN DUCT TAPE--amongst the folds of her Bianca Jagger disco dress. Other favorite subjects of Mona Superhero's are Portland's fly and fabulous: stripper gals, go-go dancers, bartenders, musicians and Exotic's own Jim Goad.

Watch out, world. Here she comes.







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