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xmag.com : November 2004 : The J-Mack Report

Yeah, yeah, it's that time again baby and as always, I'll be givin' ya'll the scizznoop on the happenings around town. Last month I had the chance to check out Tek 9 in concert, and I'll be reviewing his show. I'll also put you up on one of the tightest recording studios in the P-Town!!! So kick back, relax, and get your read on...


First Up -- Trillion Cuts Recording Studio


As we all know, there are a gang of digital recording studios all over the City nowadays. One thing that makes a studio worth something is the "quality of sound" that comes out of it. I've been in all kinds of recording studios around the globe. Some were worth millions of dollars and some were in a basement or someone's garage. Nevertheless, my main concern has always been to come out with a good recording! To achieve this you not only need the right equipment, but you also need a producer that knows what the hell he or she is doin'. That's exactly what Trillion Cuts has. Big Dub, the founder, producer and engineer, has been on fire lately! Everything is hot, from the artists that he's working with to the tracks that he's lacing them up with. He recently joined forces with R. Bizzle aka Mawelulu. The two of them are makin' some serious moves to put Portland on the map. Big ups to the artists that are down with Trillion Cuts. They include the soulful Victoria, the multi-talented China Red, the fly lyricist Devious and the never-biting-his-tongue Young Smash. Bro Love has also been droppin' some MADD heat over at Trillion Cuts. $UCCE$$ to all ya'll.... I'm out.


Next Up -- Tek 9


All I know about this cat and his crew is they give you a real ass hip-hop show. From beginning to end, Tek 9 had the Roseland Theater rockin'! As a performer myself, I appreciated the fact that these catz just didn't get on stage and stand around. They gave a packed house their money's worth 4Real! They had stage props and dance routines that made them enjoyable visually as well as vocally. If you missed the show, you missed a real treat. Make sure to check 'em out next time they hit the town.... I'm gone!!!


Honey of the Month


This month's winner is Hannah of the Safari Club. It came down to the wire but she pulled it off. Congratulations to November's Honey of the Month!!! Watch for her photo in next month's Whatz' Crackin'.


New Heat! Young Lyfe's Debut Solo Album


I was in Vegas when I heard a preview of Young Lyfe's new CD and I was quite impressed. This cat has that pure West Coast Funk! He also has some hot guest appearances, as well as producers on his new joint, such as The Dogg Pound's Daz Dillinger, Grand Jamma DLB, Soopafly, Lil Dead, Kola Loc, Max Julien, KAM, Goldie Loc and Rhyme Savage! The CD is available right now online. Just go to www.younglyfe.com. The album will hit the stores on

January 31st. Don't sleep on this one baby! Young Lyfe will also be performing with the legendary Scarface on November 5th in Montana. Big ups family, and Much Love to Paper-Chase Records!


Until next month ya'll keep it crackin'! If you need to holla at me, reach me at whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com


One Love,






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