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xmag.com : November 2004: Another Lonely Night

Video Team specializes in interracial themes and does so better than the other companies in Fuckworld. Latina firecrackers, black beauties and Asian dewdrops mix it up in the great American porn melting pot. To their credit, the producers and directors at Video Team highlight the fantasy and stay away from the all too prevalent misogynistic theme of blasting away on the stupid ho/bitch/slut.

MY BABY GOT BACK 33, directed by Corey Jordan, has this note on the cover: "The original butt lover's ADVISORY. Explicit anal sex. Don't be fooled by the imitators." Bold claim, since it's a tough order to come up with an original ass drilling. But Jordan comes through with Persia, a stunning new girl with a glossy complexion, sly smile and firm flesh. Persia is an ass-tounding flash of black fire that'll burn you to the core. In this vid she does two guys every which way. And she does so while chewing gum. At first that put me off, but after a few minutes I found her jaw jacking refreshing. Not that chewing gum undermines butt fucking, it's just I was surprised to find this more erotic than butt fucking itself. Perhaps in a future DVD Jordan could explore this possibility with Persia at greater length. Wrigley Ass Bang 1.

Another Video Team director, Van Styles, has a terrific opening scene in AZZ FEST 5. Three guys

haul a big box across the floor stamped "Made in Germany." They cut open the box and Katja Kassin pops out. This hot redhead makes up for her lack of a passport by servicing the trio with gusto. She never says a word so it's hard to tell if she really is German. One of the dudes, while shoving his dick down her bottomless throat, says, "She speaks my language." So true. From Berlin to Portland, a blow job needs no translation.

AZZ FEST 5 is a three-hour plus two-disc set. I screened it on one tube while watching the first Bush/Kerry debate on the other. The moderator, Jim Lehrer, asked Kerry: "Are Americans now dying in Iraq for a mistake?" Kerry said, "No, we have to win this." Might this--"Mary Jane's first (and last?) anal"--be, as Kerry said, "a colossal error of judgement?" Given Mary Jane's enthusiasm, I'd say definitely not. She will, as Bush said, keep her word, remain resolute, do her duty and never waver.

How can Kerry say the war is a colossal error yet also say we have to keep on fighting? He hasn't said "no" to the war in Iraq the way he did in Vietnam because 30 years ago he was outside the establishment as an agitator and now he is deep inside the establishment. As deep as you can go, deeper than a butt fuck, running for president. Yet even with this contradiction looming over him, he butt-fucked Bush in the debate. If he keeps this up, maybe he can pull from behind and win, and you'll know by the time this shows up in print.

The longest scene in AZZ FEST 5 is a tag team match with Olivia O'Lovely and Lauren Phoenix. The lovely duo jump a guy and the threesome is on. Lauren pretty much controls the entire extravaganza. For porn fans who want a dirty talker, Lauren is your girl. "Look at that big cock disappear into that tiny pussy... spread that ass wide open...fuck me hard." She ooohs and aaahs and screeches like a Hare Krishna in a state of bliss. Meanwhile, Bush fumbles for words, glances down at his notes, looks over at Kerry with contempt. The prez is annoyed, confused, uncomfortable, at times he seems startled. Lauren crawls under Olivia, licks her clit. The dude stands behind them, rams his cock up Olivia's gash, then feeds it into Lauren's mouth. She can't get off her talking points with a dick in her mouth. But Bush can. He says: "I know how the world works."

No he does not.




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