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xmag.com : January 2005 : The J-Mack Report


First of all, I hope that every one of my readers had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's. If you happen to read my article before the 31st of December 2004, make sure to check out my New Year's Eve Party at the brand new Viper Room. It's located at 720 SE Hawthorne St., between 7th & 8th on Hawthorne. Big ups to everybody that has read my column in 2004, and I hope that you will continue to peep Whatz Crackin' in 2005!!! This year I will be bringing back the Honey of the Month, so make sure to check it out.


First Up -- E 40 Rocks The Roseland Theater


The concert took place in December at the Roseland Theater and it was one of the best performances that I've seen E 40 do in a long time. The place was jam packed with people of all ages and various nationalities. Portland rapper Cool Nutz along with his company Jus' Family hosted the event and performed some of their hottest heaters. The crowd partied the whole night!!! I was hoping that 40 would perform a little bit longer but he did the damn thang during the time he did have on stage. They even took it back to the days of Carlos Rossi and everybody was feelin' it. He had some catz on stage with some big ass jugs of this fine wine, and they looked like they were feelin' it as well. The event went without any incidents, and the after party carried over to the legendary Red Sea nightclub. After that, well...it's none of ya damn business!!! I'm' out...


Next up -- Ja'Rule Speaks out about 50 CENT


I found it very interesting what the rapper had to say during a recent interview on BET. He told the commentator that he somehow had let 50 Cent throw him off his rhythm. Ja' Rule stated that when 50 Cent came out dissin' him he had to respond. He said, "I wouldn't of felt right with myself had I sat back and not responded." Ja' Rule said that he never sees 50 Cent hangin' out at any of the clubs or nothing. He also says that 50 tried to clown him for making a certain type of music only to turn around and start doin' the same type of romantic raps himself. Ja' credits 50 with being real crafty in throwing him off track for a while, but the Murder Inc. mogul says that he has learned from it, and is back better than before!!!

Honey of the

Month Contest!!!


That's right, I'm

bringin' it back and

this time it's going to

be taking place at Exotica International. If you missed the other contests that I've had, you don't want to miss this one. If you were at the other contests then I know I'll see you there. It's taking place Saturday, January 22nd at 9pm. This is an open invitation to all dancers citywide. There will be prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The first place contestant will also be featured in my monthly column as the Honey of the Month.



Honey of the Month

January 2005

My first Honey of the Month in 2005 is named Honey. She has completed three years of college, and has 1 year left to get her degree in sociology. She would also like to pursue a singing career. Honey has recently modeled for the Jeans Bar and is currently a bartender downtown at Cabaret. Much love girl and keep up the good work!!!



Until next month ya'll keep it crackin', and if you have any questions or comments, holla at me!



One Love,









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