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xmag.com : February 2005 : The J-Mack Report

Whatz up everybody? I hope all y'all had a Happy New Year's and everything. It's 2005, and best believe that ya playa partna got some hot shiznillyollyitt for Portland this year baby!!! My new T.V. show will air in March and it will definitely show the City of Roses whatz really "Crackin!!!" In this month's article, I'll let you know about a new spot to kick it, and I'll also let ya know how the Scarface concert was... Make sure that you also check out the Honey of the Month!!! Ooooh Weee!!!




That's right Oxygen!!! This hot night goes down at Baladna, a new club right across the street from PCC Sylvania at 11830 SW Kerr Pkwy (503-246-8227). It has a real cool atmosphere and they also play the cutz. What else could you expect with DJ O.G. ONE workin' the turntables? My debonair playa partna "X" got it crackin' every Wednesday night. It's ladies' night baby, and all honeys get in free before 11pm!!! Since it is right across from the college, my man "X" is given MADD love to all students that are 21 and over. They get in free before 11pm. Now that's love!!! So if you not doing jack shiznit on Wednesdays, make sure to check out Oxygen Wednesdays!!! Tell 'em you heard it from Whatz Crackin' and get a free trip to the dance floor.... I'm out!!!


Next Up -- Whatz Crackin' T.V.


Yeah baby it's finally about to be on!!! I told my loyal readers last year that I would be droppin' a new show for T.V., and it's about to go down real big!!! This show is going to take you into my world, and show you the places and the people that I write about. We've been filming footage for a while now, and it's about to be on at the beginning of March. Big ups to all the places that welcomed me and my camera crew in. Club H20, the Viper Room, Alladat Clothing, Club Exotica International, and many other spots around the town. Madd love also goes out to my show's co-producer Mr. Gary Hassan!!! Thanks for all the hard work homie!!! Make sure to check your local listings in March for Whatz Crackin' T.V.!!! You might just see yourself.... I'll holla!!!


Big Ups Scarface!!!


This cat is a real class act!!! When I heard that he was coming to Portland, I knew that I had to be there at the Roseland Theater to check him. The place wasn't really as packed as I thought it would be, but Scarface performed as if there were 10,000 people in front of him!!! If you missed the

show, you missed a real treat. Big ups to Cool Nutz for keepin' live Hip-Hop on point in Portland. Also congratulations on your new cut with Bosko, E-40, and C-BO. Make sure y'all pick it up, because it's that "Fire" that you need to be bumbin'!!! Believe that!!!


Honey of the Month




This sexy chick is not only fly but she is real down to earth. She represents many different races. Selena is mixed with Black, White, Mexican, Philippine, and Shumash Indian. You can check her out downtown at Magic Gardens, and make sure to show her some love. In her spare time this Honey says that she enjoys some good bud and playing with her pussycat. Smooches baby!!!


Next Month


I'll be giving you the scoop on several local artists that have some hot new music for you to swoop up. I'll also let you know whatz crackin' on the national scene. Pictures of The Honey of the Month contest at Club Exotica International will also be available for your viewing pleasure.


Until then, y'all keep it crackin'!!!! If you need to holla at me, hit me up at whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com


One Love,






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