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xmag.com : March 2005 : The J-Mack Report

Before I go into my monthly column, I just have say that the Philadelphia Eagles gave it a good try, but didn’t Donovan McNabb seem nervous as hell??! One of the fans should have thrown him a phat blunt or something, so his ass could relax!!! Even his mom looked pissed off. That was just a sad case of bad nerves, but I’m sure the Eagles will be back! Big Ups to T.O. for playin’ with a halfway healed injury. Now that’s heart!!! OK, back to Whatz Crackin’! In this month’s article I’ll be giving the ladies madd love with their own night, at one of Portland’s premier Gentlemen’s Clubs. I’ll also share my interview with one of the city’s hottest producers & recording artists, Keary KA$E. Plus, I’ll give you the scoop on me teaming up with the legendary DJ George!! Oh yeah it’s goin’ down real big!!! Make sure to check out the sexy Honey of the Month, and my next contest!!!

First Up — P Style Records

A couple weeks ago I had my first chance to peep the brand new mix tape by Keary KA$E. This cat is definitely putting some cool shit together on these mixes!!! He has his own way of bringing out the best in the hottest cutz. When I asked KA$E about his production on his new project, he said, "I’m keepin’ it real flavorful and stickin’ to the true origin of Hip-Hop! Some people forget how Hip-Hop started. I’m looping beats and finding hot breaks, as well as putting my own touch on some of the hottest jointz out there." He also gave props to Portland DJ’s for giving him love on the radio and in the clubs. KA$E was in Los Angeles when I interviewed him, and this cat is really pushing the hell out of his label "P Style Records." He says, "You must try to hit either New York or L.A. to really get off the ground in the music business, because that’s where you’ll find the contacts you need." On his current Mix Tape, you can find various heat from many of today’s top artists such as Jay Z, Slum Village, 50 Cent and R. Kelly, just to name a few. KA$E is also planning to release some more flames this summer when he drops his next Mix Tape entitled "Iron Mics." His music is on sale now at Platinum Records and at Second Avenue Records in Portland. Big ups homie and much $UCCE$$!!!

Next Up — Girlz Night Out

It’s back and it’s definitely Crackin’!!! Every Sunday Night in the VIP Room of Club Exotica International I will be hosting Girlz Night Out. This party is all about the ladies in the industry. We will be featuring some of Portland’s and Vancouver’s hottest DJ’s, such as DJ CHILL, DJ PUMA, and Mr. Joe T. We will also have live R&B acts, Hip-Hop performances, and guest appearances by other Portland favorites. It starts at 9pm and goes until 2am. Make sure to check it out each Sunday night…. I’m out!!!

She’s Keeps it Crackin’!!!

Big ups to Isis of Club Exotica, for keepin’ it crackin’ at the bar. Much love baby!!!

Return of The Party Starters

DJ George along with myself will be bringin’ it to you live every Thursday night at H20!!! I’ve always wanted to do somethin’ wit’ that cat, as well as the club, and now it’s on 4 Real!!! Come check us out at Portland’s tightest nightclub, located between 2nd & 3rd on SW Yamhill every Thursday night… Peace Out!!!

The Honey of the Month Contest

That’s right!!! Each month you can check it out at Club Exotica International. This is a citywide invitation for all exotic dancers. The contestants compete on two stages to win CA$H & Prizes!!! The winner is featured in my monthly column, Whatz Crackin’, as the Honey of the Month. She will also receive some sexy lingerie from Heaven’s Closet, which is one of the sponsors of the event. If you or someone you know is interested in performing or being in the competition, please contact me at whatzcrackin_J@hotmail.com The next contest is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th at Exotica. Sign up is at 9pm and the festivities start at 11pm. Exotica is located at 240 NE Columbia Blvd. Seeya there baby!!!

Honey of the Month — Jazzman

This sexy chick has one of the best stage shows you’ll ever see!!! She ‘s also very approachable and cool. I’m proud to congratulate her as March’s Honey of the Month! Much Love, girl!!!

Until next month, ya’ll keep it crackin’!!!

One Love,





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