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xmag.com : July 2005 : The J-Mack Report

What up my peeps? It’s ya man J.Meezi wit’ the low down on whatz crackin’ around the hood, downtown, and around the way. This month I will share with you some real deep shit about the Portland music scene, as well as tell you where it’s gonna be poppin’ in July.

First Up — The Rape and Abuse of Hip-Hop in Portland

In past articles I’ve touched on the fact the some nightclub owners and managers in town are disrespecting the culture of Hip-Hop. As long as they continue to do this, I will continue to give my opinion about their ignorance. As a pioneer of the rap game in Portland, I have seen it all!!! The OLCC in my opinion is still the root of the problem we have today. I’m sick of being fuckin’ stereotyped by white nightclub owners that play Hip-Hop music. If you think that because a brother chooses to dress a certain way he is gang related, you’re just as stupid as some of the dingbats on Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission. Our music is the main reason some of these clubs are even in business!!! Stop making these bullshit dress codes, and start showing more love to the culture that feeds you!!! When I wrote about this issue before, I didn’t mention any names, but the Refectory and the Copper Penny can kiss my black ass!!! 4 Real!!!

Next Up — The Strip Club Bus Tour

That’s right ya’ll it’s going down real big baby!!! My partner Brian of 503girls.com is doing his Strip Club Bus Tour once again on Saturday, July 9th. It will be hosted by yours truly, J.Mack, and our featured guest will be adult film star Crissy Cums! The tour bus will visit five or more strip clubs around town, with VIP access to each one. Big drinks will be permitted on the tour bus as well. To purchase your tickets now or for more information go to 503girl.com. Don’t miss the bus baby!!! It’s definitely going to be “Crackin!!!”

Mack’s Jointz —

You can kick it wit’ me at the Cabaret, located downtown on 5th & Burnside. I’ll be playin the cutz, and bringin’ back the good old "Dollar Dances!!!"

I’ll be hosting Ladies Night wit’ Mr. DJ George @ H2O. Ladies Free!!! All Night!!!

Old School Party with DJ Kevin Berry and DJ Mike Morris. It jumps off at Bobby McGee’s in Vancouver, WA. Take I-5 north to the 99th Street exit, make a right, go to the first light and make a left, and it will be two blocks down on the right hand side.

Honey of the Month — Sasha
This sexy honey did the damn thang in the contest at Exotica and the crowd gave her MADD love!!! Big ups baby and congratulations for being July’s Honey of the Month!

Make sure to check out my website whatzcrackin.com for information on the next Honey of the Month Contest and other goodies!!!

Until next month, ya’ll keep it "Crackin!!!"

One Love,





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