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xmag.com : February 2006 : Hellhouse Dungeon

Business is booming for the Seattle area’s youngest andhottest dominatrix, Goddess Hollie. The beautiful andsexy 5’10” dominatrix has a no-bullshit approach to herlife and business. In 2005, the Strap On Goddess’ empire hasgrown with now three locations of the Hellhouse Dungeon offering myriad BDSM services for the curious and the hardcore slave,
new and innovative fetish/BDSM movies, phone sessions, custom adult content for webmasters
and her exclusive website, clubhellhouse.com—and an exquisite entourage of sexy, dominant women who work with her that are going to have their own personal websites launched as well. With her company being the very first to provide adult video downloads for iPod, Hellhouse Dungeon is a forerunner of cyber porn as well. Goddess Hollie is not some college girl trying to pay her tuition by
being “naughty.” She is dedicated and seriously
enjoys her work and lifestyle. With a live-in male
slave serving her as soon as she starts her day,
Goddess Hollie has little interest outside of her
work, as she states, “BDSM consumes most of
my life, as I like to work seven days a week.”
But it is not all business, money and marketing.
Contrary to what the less sexually adventurous
may believe, BDSM (professional or otherwise)
can provide legitimate spiritual value for
those who practice it. “BDSM has a lot of spiritual
value to me, punishing people for their mistakes
provides a complete mental release, very similar
to what other people may get from praying or
meditating.” Psychology for both the Dom and the sub is a major factor, a psycho-dramatic sexual therapy that can lead to revelations for
the slave and a feeling of power and voyeurism for the Dom. Goddess Hollie is the perfect person for the job. “I get satisfaction from turning people onto new fetishes that they didn’t know they had before. Being in control…allows me to do what I want, when I want, with only a few limitations. Getting into
heads and getting to know the dark side of people’s lives is a turn-on for me as well, because I especially love it when the punishment I deliver is well-deserved.” We cannot deny what sexually dark fantasies float around inside the minds of these
submissive men who let Goddess Hollie dominate them. And she receives all types of clients, “from upper-class businessmen,
middle-class average guys and lower-class drug
users.” They all have secret desires and sexually related scenarios. Goddess Hollie feeds off of the clients’ different needs and steers the sessions in accordance. She is going to force them to look at themselves, and they get a thrill
in the process. And why not? That’s what they pay for. This brings me to an important point; Goddess Hollie and the dominatrixes who work with her ARE NOT WHORES! There is no sexual contact involved in these sessions. Tying up a paying slave and whipping them is not outside of the law, even if just barely. Even so, there are a lot of folks who are disgusted by the idea because of their own fears. Goddess Hollie explains, “A lot of people are either not aware of the fetishes that they have or they keep them hidden because of moral issues or the
fear of embarrassment or social rejection. At the same time, there’s a lot of pseudosexuality
displayed in the media and pop culture, but most of it is tame compared to what the average person hides in their closet.” With such an obvious large need for this type of business and the recent financial prosperity for her, Goddess Hollie has big plans for the future. As technology becomes more customized
for the consumer, there is always going to be
a steady new stream of media that HellHouse can
jump on. For 2006, Goddess Hollie and company will be focusing on these medias, from virtual online ‘renting’ of movies, iPod downloads, video equipped cell phones and the portable Sony PlayStation. New tech is the focus. Convenience and privacy is the new selling point. With the business savvy of HellHouse and Goddess Hollie’s no-nonsense dedication and her enjoyment of her work, it is no
wonder that business has grown so quickly in such a short time. The business is well-rounded, multi-faceted and has the fundamental belief that sex is a fact of life that can be utilized and represented in these art forms in prurient and psychologically
stimulating ways. A sexy, strong-willed, dominant woman waiting to pry into the dark closet of a client with sadistic pleasure is quite a hot lure. And if you have enough money, you can hire two girls to beat your butt at the same time! If you are a willing subject, you can set up an appointment
for one of the three HellHouse Dungeons with Goddess Hollie or another cunning dominatrix. Or if you are too shy (wuss), you can check out the super-hot and sexy online movies that the Goddess provides. Go ahead and take a dive into the
dungeon—I dare you!





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