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xmag.com : June 2006 : Northwest Royale

One hot summer night, (yes we have them in the NW, fuckers!) I stumbled into a show at a local waterin’ hole—aching for a little rock and a cold beer—when I happened upon an out-of-town band that rocked me straight to the front of the stage. That band was Northwest Royale!
Yeah, I’m one those music-junkie type chicks (not a groupie), although I have an ant pile of friends in the industry. Typically I prefer to be the unseen force at a show—sometimes merely rocking out in my own world hiding in a corner…or jumping and singing…but almost always in the back of the show room.
OK—OK no, this column isn’t about the fascinating and obscure life and times of the author, but sometimes you just want to set the stage…so shut the fuck up and read on.
Northwest Royale is a band that literally whips me into rock-girl submission. I used to start out Northwest Royale shows in the back of the room, but inevitably I ALWAYS ended right up at the front, moshing, singing, and giving myself rocklash. Nowadays I don’t even attempt to be a backline rocker—I find my spot upfront and hem myself in for the duration of the show. I’ve left with bruises, knots, wet from spit and spilled drinks, but most of all e-fucking-lated. Northwest Royale has always had the magnetic ability to move me front row and center. They simply rock me in mysterious ways.
There are only a couple of other bands that will roll me to the front line, and some of those bands have had the unique opportunity to play with Northwest Royale—bands such as Slayer, Killswitch Engage, KMFDM, Mastodon, Testament, and Rob Zombie, just to name a few.
Playing stages and venues from every size, shape and form, Northwest Royale has the energy of a punk band, the heaviness of metal, and the melodic beat of classic rock, but the vocals are uniquely all theirs. Each band member is as passionate onstage as the next, and it is
apparent they are there to fuck
up your eardrums.
Northwest Royale were born in the year 2000—they have been coined a progressive heavy metal rock band, and I would have to agree. Just when you think metal rock can’t take a different form, Northwest Royale continues to mix it up and rock us out with new lyrics, notes, riffs, and melodies, proving that, no, it hasn’t all been done—not by a long shot. For all we know, rock is just getting started.
This Eugene-based band has endured many challenges such as lineup changes, illness, and heartbreak but have come up victorious. Northwest Royale’s infectious band members are Colton Williams (lead vocals/guitarist), Blake Owens (keyboards/vocals), Kenny Nestor, (bass/backing vocals), Beef Wellington (we don’t ask his real name) on drums and Travis Zering on guitar. Those are the band members, but when are lucky enough to get to a Northwest Royale show, you become a part of this hypnotic crew.
Their new CD, Home is Where the Hate Is (released May 9th), has set the band on a three-week Northwest tour, and thankfully Seattle was one of their first stops. They begin their tour in Spokane, darting back and forth from Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and California. Home is Where the Hate Is is the band’s second full-length CD released in as little as two years. The first, The Nosebleed Section (2004), juiced with songs such as “I’m Drinking Again” and “Fortified,” is one the best CDs in my vast CD collection…not a good album for my car, as I tend to have lead-foot anyway, but this album deludes me into believing my car defies the laws of gravity and can actually take flight.
Whatever your musical flavor—I
guarantee you a blow job you will like Northwest Royale. In the two-plus years I’ve been enjoying this band and turning friends on, I have yet to find one person who isn’t inspired to get up off their
feet and rock out with their proverbial cock out.
You can catch tour dates, news and updates on the band at their myspace page: myspace.com/northwestroyale or their webpage: northwestroyale.com—sign up and join their mailing list you don’t want to miss this band when they hit your town.

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