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xmag.com : October 2006 : Exotic 13th Anniversary Party

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1. What's a better way to kick off the night than thirteengirls in lingerie? That's why Exotic did it right fortheir thirteenth by treating themselves to girls—onefor each year. Who needs candles to blow out? I can think of better uses for my mouth. Thank you to Cathie’s, Fascinations, and Taboo for making this possible. Girls were representing from Carnival,
Exotica, and Daniel James Productions.

2.As if things were not hot enough on that late
August night, Velabonz took the stage twice and heatedthings up a little more. These guys were definitelyworth sweating for. Thank you,Velabonz—you guys

3.Remember Finger Bang City from August's issue?
Thank you, FBC for rockin' our crotches in person this
time. They can finger-bang myass anytime! After hits
like “Show us Your Penis,” the crowd was eager to
please until they heard “Size Matters.” Rumor has it
they saw all five of Velabonz’s penises. Sloppy B. and Mutha Superior, you skanks are awesome!

4. Party like the Stars! Thanks to Daniel James
Productions, this was a red-carpet event where you,
too, could have your picture taken with a hottie of
your choice and even take a print home with you.
Wanna be in Exotic ? This could be your chance. Look for the Exotic backdrop at future events. Thank you, Daniel, Nigel, and Warren.

5. Silent Partner? Exotic employees were interested
to learn of their new boss in the VIP. Congratulations to the Exotic Douchebag of the Year on being the only person of a full house to get kicked out of Berbati's that evening. But only after threatening pending termination come Monday for a few of us. Hey, douche—I'm still here, where are you?

6. It just wouldn't be an event in the adult world
without a fire show, and that's why Exotic got that
covered by the best in the business, TyFire of Sassy's. She and Austin Rose, also of Sassy's, lit up the stage. Literally. Pyromaniacs are HOT!

7. I had one question for the audience when I made
my feature appearance onstage that evening: "Who
stole my muthafuckin' shoe?" Actually, in retrospect I have another question: Who steals just one shoe?
Maybe the infamous one-legged stripper does exist!

8. Finally, new Exotic T-shirts on sale! Quality Ts
and tanks at a fair price from a cute girl. Miss out on
getting yours? Don't worry, find out how to get one at www.xmag.com or buy one at other Exotic-sponsored events.

9. Straight from the pages of Exotic, our very own
writer J.Mack showed us whatz crackin' on stage with
a set that showed us he's still a strong force in the
Portland rap scene. I just wanna know one thing...
where can we see you perform next?

10. Thank you to the Pussycat Dolls for making
burlesque hot again. And thank you to Sinner Saint
Burlesque for coming down from Seattle and for
doing the new thing by doing the old thing! These
ladies are guaranteed for a good time; personally, I
can report that I had a few of them in my bed by the
end of the night.

11. Certain Exotic staffers would like to report the
highlight of their evening: blazin’ it up on the streets
of downtown Portland! There’s nothing like lifting the
employees’ spirits. We'd like to thank the Portland
police for making this possible.

12. Thank you, Iesha and Tabitha from Exotica
International for adding a little spice to the night by
providing us with a booty-shaking show that you
won’t see anywhere else downtown. Check their ad
out in this issue and then go see them in da clubz and show them some luv.

13. The staff of Exotic kept the party going ’til the
wee hours of the morning—some of us more than
others (wink, wink). If you were fortunate enough to
be there, you know all about the after-hours at an
undisclosed location where the debauchery continued.Thank you to our gracious after-hours host for taking such great care of us!




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