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It’s on again, y’all! In this month’s column, I’ll be letting you know who got some heat for the fall and wintertime. I will also tell you my opinion on whatz sexy and what ain’t! Some of you dancers really need to peep that section! Plus the Tat Cat Ken Keck is at it again! I also got another fly Honey of the Month! She’s a Senorita!

First Up...“B’Day!”
This is the title of Beyonce’s second solo album, and believe me, this chick is even better than ever! Her first single, “Déjà Vu,” is well put-together with good instrumentation as well as her bomb-ass vocals. Beyonce’s second single, “Ring the Alarm,” shows her passion for not wanting to lose her man. I first heard this track while watching videos at the pad, and I must say, she turned it up a notch on this one! It’s a very powerful track, and any woman that’s ever had to fight for her man can definitely relate to this one. All I can say is, Jay-Z is a lucky muthafucka! Beyonce also blew it up on the MTV awards, rockin’ the trenchcoat with very little on underneath. Her performance made some of the other female artists look like people you might see auditioning for American Idol. She is in a league of her own, and her new album “B’Day” proves it! Make sure you pick this joint up.

Next Up...“ Nahhh, Baby!”
This is a phrase I’ve used under my breath far too long! I can’t help saying it when I see a stripper or exotic dancer doing something she ain’t got no business doing or ever trying to attempt. I’m sure you have probably said it, too. For example, you’re at one of the many strip clubs here in town and you see the next girl get onstage. She immediately stomps her foot or kicks the hell out of the wall to get attention. You’re thinking it was a gunshot or something. You then see one or two people that feel sorry for her go to her rack. Now she gets overly excited because somebody is at her stage. She then attempts to do the rump shaker, but she really has no rump to shake. Not just that—this chick ain’t even on beat! “Damn, who hired her?” is what you’re probably wondering. Then there are the ones that try to work the poles and can barely hold themselves up. In my opinion, seduction is the key to being sexy! Not scare tactics, dancing off-beat, or trying to kill yourself on the pole. I must commend the honeys that do know how to present a hot stage show. Keep on bringin’ it, mamas! Work what you got, baby, and if you don’t have it, then please don’t work!

“Around the Town”

Last month I had the chance to go check out Young Dro at the Roseland, and this cat threw down! I don’t think it was as big a turnout as the promoter may have wanted, but it was still a good show. This Month on Thursday, October 12, I will be throwing another “Big Phat Libra Joint” at the 720 Club for all my Libra peeps! I will also be performing live. The club is located at 720 SE Hawthorne. All Libras will get in free, and all ladies are free until midnight. Plus 2-for-1 specials for everybody. Dress fly, baby, and I’ll see you there! Plus if you dig hip-hop and reggae, make sure you check out Portland’s own Lifesavas, who will be opening for Michael Franti and Spearhead on October 14th at the Roseland Theater.

“Tat Man” Ken Keck
This cat is one of the best! He now has a new digital tattoo device that makes his work even better and precise. He can use your own designs, or he can design something for you. Holla at him for the hookup, and make sure to tell him Mack sent you to receive the discounted price!

Honey of the Month
Congratulations to Tanya for being the October 2006 Honey of the Month. This beautiful Hispanic young lady is one of the most down-to-earth chicks I’ve met in a while! When it comes to hooking up some homemade cuisines in the kitchen, this girl can throw down! Big ups baby, and much love…

Whatz Crackin’ Sponsors
503girls.com is doing it real big as Portland’s #1 adult website. Make sure you log on and check it out. Shout out to my man Brian....Ken Keck, tattoo artist, has the ink ready to hook you up! Just hit his line for your appointment at (360) 696-9020....Club 720 is featuring Ladies’ Night every Thursday with DJ CMC and hosted by yours truly, J.MACK. We also love to play the music of our Portland artists, so make sure to bring it if you’ve got it!

Until next month, ya’ll keep it “Crackin’!”

One Love, J.Mack





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