Carnal Knowledge 4.08

Amore’ is the perfect model for our February cover; she’s blonde, she’s beautiful, (and she’s in love)... You can see her on select nights at Sassy’s.

In an appropriate celebration for the Month of Love, our first article this month is an investigation into the (non)history of snuff films, brought to us by Bob Armstrong, who has been away for awhile writing his Great American Novel. Gary Aker is also back with a touching love story of a nurse and her patients in “Leeching.” Finally, our esteemed editor Theresa Reed, a.k.a. Darklady, delves into the newly-released autobiography of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in her piece entitled “Raunch-N-Roll Rebel.”

X Magazine #6 is finally out and on sale at newsstands everywhere. It’s a full-color, glossy issue that features a few of our best articles from Exotic Magazine over the last few years, and a lot more irreverent features on sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, including a full-color pictorial and pull-out centerfold of the Psychede-Lick Sisters.

Next month in Exotic, we’ll be doing things a little different. For years now, our readers up in the Seattle-Tacoma-Spokane area have been asking for their own version, so now they’re gonna get it. All the favorite sections will be included, along with a few new ones made especially for up north. Soon there’ll be nowhere for us to go but.... south....

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