Carnal Knowledge 4.11

The Amsterdam-born and Portland-raised Pander Brothers created our custom illustrated cover this month to celebrate the release of their 350-page graphic novel, Triple X International , by Darkhorse Comics. You can read more about these two avant-garde artists in the article “Pandering to the Extremes” by Gary Aker.

Our second feature this month is a short cyber-fiction piece by San Francisco writer M. Christian. “Butterflies” takes us on an explicit, mind-blowing journey through a woman’s virtual sex encounter.

And then our own Psychic Stripper creator Randy Lee Prinslow authored our third feature this month on the fabulous career of everyone’s favorite “Feline Femme Fatale,” Catwoman Julie Newmar. Speaking of Psychic Stripper, be on the look-out for a new full-page Psychic Stripper series coming soon to these very pages... Same butt-time, same butt channel... (ouch).

Watch out! Rex Breathes finally gets his own column this month! Taking over the video reviews, the first thing he had to do was change the name again, to Pornos for Primates (but Money Shotz was so good...).

Exotic would like to be the first to welcome to town the Rose City Xpress, a new monthly adult-oriented tabloid paper produced by our own distribution manager and man-about-town, the REAL John Henry.

Two very special events worth mentioning here:

The Spice Network, Stars Cabaret, Fantasy Adult Video and Exotic are all co-sponsoring the Spice Girl 1997 Contest Thursday, May 29 at Stars Cabaret. The winner will receive $1000 and a trip to New York City for the finals of the Spice Girl 1997 Contest. Don’t miss it!

Also a must-see, our big Flygirls Contest at the newly remodeled Doc’s Bar & Grill Saturday, May 10, co-sponsored by Blackflys, PornStar clothing, Bad Kitty and Exotic. There will be thousands of dollars in product giveaways to dancers and patrons, as well as a thousand bucks in cash to the winners of the contest. The Lick Sisters, up fresh from LA, will be performing around midnight, and lots of other former Exotic covergirls (10 at last count) will be there signing copies of their cover issues. For a measly $5 it’ll be a fun practically-free-for-all!

And a final goodbye to our friend Ernie, thanks for believing in us...

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