Carnal Knowledge 4.12

Wondering who that beautiful face (and body and...) on this month's cover belongs to? Well, that's the sensational Jazmine! She's even more gorgeous in person (can you imagine?) and you can see her perform at Jody’s and The Dolphin three or four nights a week.

Atlanta's drag-queen rock sensations, The Impotent Sea Snakes slithered into Oregon and Washingon a few weeks ago and Darklady was there (of course)! Get the bird's-eye-low-down on this caper on page 5 in "Desperately Seeking Sea Snakes." Live sex, fire breathing, heavy guitar sounds, men in lingerie, the LAPD... just the sort of shit you'd expect our girl to be knee deep in.

Portland's first gallery for "art on the edge" is closing this month and Gary Aker has the scoop. Learn the history of Galleri 8 and where its founder is headed on page 14 in Gary's article, "Galleri 8: No Mall Art Allowed."

On a sort of related note, fledgling authoress, Damiana Drake shares a charmingly perverse look at the world of fine art in her fiction piece, "Living Stone." You'll find it waiting for you on page 38.

We have two new columns this month: D.K. Holm, the king of the artsy fartsy movie review now has a professional excuse to go see all those "legitimate" smut flicks around town with his column "Dirty Movies." Welcome on board, D.K., looks like you passed the audition. If you're interested in checking out these films yourself, you can usually catch them in Portland at Cinema 21, Koin Center or The Guild Theater.

Our other new columnist, Snickers LaBarr, is man enough to write for this magazine and lady enough to know how to be polite while doing it. We'd like you to welcome our favorite cock in a frock to the pages of Exotic and hope that you enjoy her unique perspective on socializing, sexuality, and accessorizing in her column, "Snickers Satisfies." Make sure and wave at her during the Pride Parade on June 24th.

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