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xmag.com : September 2000 : Born to be Working


My cell twittered around midnight on my way to pick up Shannon at a night club. The guy wanted two girls. I told him about Shannon and said she had a friend for the "double bang." He said send them on over.

I pulled my car to the curb for a quick snag on a line of speed. Inside the club, I spotted Shannon dancing with some dude. She was wearing a halter top cut high, exposing her hard stomach and a rack that would feel like heaven in the sack. Tight black pants highlighting her cute ass, open-toed mules and a baseball cap on her blonde head finished off her "working" outfit.

I stood under the swirling colored lights as Shannon and her partner hip-hopped to the pounding house sound at 120 beats per minute. A couple of dancers jumped in the air, batting at a few green streamers hanging from the ceiling--the only decorations in the place. I pushed my way through the pack of freestylers and tapped Shannon on the shoulders.

"Time to roll."

"That's got to be every guy's top secret fantasy--doing a girl and her mother."

Without saying anything to the guy, she grabbed my hand and danced us to the door. Outside, I told her I had to call another girl for the double.
"Don't bother," she said, "I got somebody."
On the way to pick up 'somebody,' I quizzed her on who this might be. She giggled and said, "just wait till you see." At her place, I stepped inside and saw this woman who was a spitting image of Shannon; she introduced me to her mother. I knew her mother was a hooker but didn't expect to have her working for me. Shannon's 20 and her mother is 35. But she looks younger and she looks great.
"We got a double going, Ma, you and me; okay?"
Her mother laughed, "Shit, why not?"

We hit the motel; the guy was staying in a room on the first floor. I dropped them off, parked in the lot and then walked over by the john's window. The guy hadn't bothered to close the curtains, so I had a good view from a distance. I could see the three of them talk for a while, then get to it. Shannon and her mom did a strip show for him, then leaned into him and started peeling off his clothes.

When they were all naked, mom and daughter slid down his body and licked up and down the side of his cock. I switched over to my binoculars so I could get a good close-up. Shannon would look over the guys cock into her mother's eyes; I couldn't help but wonder what she saw.

The guy started fucking her mother. Shannon sat on the edge of the bed smoking a cigarette and laughing, occasionally running her hand along the guy's leg. Then it was Shannon's turn. While she fucked him, her mother spanked her hard. Shannon had told me she got spanked by her mother a lot while she was growing up. But this had to be the All Time Spanking.

Shannon got off the guy and rolled him over on his stomach. Then mom and daughter spanked the hell out of him. Finally they put on their clothes, took turns hugging the guy and split out of the room.

I wheeled around to the entrance and picked them up.

"How did it go?" I asked.

They both were very cool, like it was just another call. On the way back to Shannon's apartment the two of them gabbed it up. Finally I told them I'd watched the action. They laughed and squealed.
"Next time we do this let's ask for more money," I said. "I mean, that's got to be every guy's top secret fantasy--doing a girl and her mother."
"So, is that yours?" Shannon cooed. Her mom laughed,
"He was watching, wasn't he?"
"Nevermind," I said. "It's my job."
"Well maybe next time we should charge you, too?" Shannon chipped in.
I had to admit, I had a roll of quarters in my pants that only the driver's seat knew about. Then again...


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