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xmag.com : December 2001: Sex Around the World

"Horny in Honduras"

Honduras isn't exactly the place that first comes to mind when you start thinking of places to go trolling for pussy, but that may be changing. Central and South America are fairly lenient about nudity and sex so my sex-addict friend went south looking for some action. Men are always horny and forever on the prowl it seems. I get such a kick out of hearing my male friends talk about their sexual exploits and powers.

Paul arrived in Tegucigalpa (the capital, from here on simply referred to as "Teg") and immediately set out to find himself a couple of babes. (Paul's got a lot of energy and can easily take on three or more women in rapid succession.) He said Teg reminded him of Mexico because scantily clad women stand outside strip joints to lure the men in.

One such babe grabbed Paul's arm and yanked him inside. "You pay 20 lempira," she said and pointed to the cashier's booth. For the equivalent of about $1.50 Paul got admission, an up front center stage seat, chips, salsa and a beer. The music started and out came several young girls who proceeded to bounce around and undress each other. He said that for a couple of lempira (about 20 cents) the girls came to the edge of the stage and squatted in front of him. The show topped anything he'd seen in the states and believe me, he's seen it all! Oh yes, touching is allowed.

In the big Honduran cities, strip joints get pretty rank and lewd, but hey, guys like it that way. Girls will allow customers to fondle them while they dance or serve drinks--as long as the tips are big, like about $1. The proprietors are quick to arrange a hook up because they get a cut of the girl's profit.

If you're horny in Honduras, head straight to Teg's central plaza area; it's where all the best clubs, restaurants and hotels are located. The hookers there are probably not the cleanest, but from what Paul says, they put out way more effort to please than American hookers (who, incidentally, don't even rank a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10, says Paul). He had a couple of girls every night and never paid more than $10 apiece. He wants me to tell you that for ten dollars Honduran girls will shower with you, fuck you and suck you off as many times as you can manage, spending up to six hours with you (all night if they like you). What he enjoyed most was finding two girls willing to do each other first and then do him. He said that was the best twenty bucks he ever spent!

Condoms are only occasionally mentioned and were never insisted upon, which I think is pretty scary, but anal is all the rage in Honduras, which I think is pretty cool.

There are many hotels in Teg's central plaza area, usually hovering around $30-$40. Few restaurants exist outside the central area, but Paul used his girls as guides and saw some magnificent countryside, jungle and ruins. Dilapidated American school buses are used as city buses in Honduras; the fare for a five-hour ride to the Copan ruins was 84 cents! (Paul says he banged both girls near the altar of the Copan temple!)

One piece of advice the girls shared with Paul: Don't let the hookers take you to their home or hotel. You'll get robbed. Always take them to your hotel.

Continental and TACA have connecting flights to San Pedro Sula or Teg from PDX for around $600. Stays of less than 30 days require no visa, just passport. Hepatitis A shots strongly recommended, yellow fever and anti-malarial drugs a must. Currently, about 14.5 Honduran lempira equals one U.S. dollar. The off-season, cooler months of December through April are the best time to go.





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