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Ah, Bora Bora. It's been about ten years since I've been to French Polynesia, but a chat room acquaintance was recently sent there on business and came back with a tale I think you'd like to hear about. Richard's company sends him all over the world to install and program computers for new businesses. He gets fabulous money and works his ass off from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; after that he's free to do whatever he wants...all at his company's expense. He came back raving about the beautiful women that slathered his naked body with delicious oils of vanilla and coconut and gave him wonderfully long, totally self-indulgent massages on Bora Bora and Tahiti. Since the smell of vanilla and coconut act as sexual stimulants for me, it made my mouth water just hearing about it--or reading about it as the case may be! He didn't actually call it 'prostitution' because he paid strictly for the massage, but nonetheless, he was the lucky recipient of two very effective hand jobs during his stay on two islands.

"The way she smoothed on the warm coconut oil and knowingly kneaded out
every last bit of tension in his entire body left him so relaxed he was unable to walk!"


If you have a fancy for beautiful, dark-skinned women with flowing black hair that goes all the way to her ass, you'll love all the islands of French Polynesia. The smell of vanilla and coconut hang heavy in the air and life is s-l-o-w. Yes, it's a bit touristy but if your French isn't so good you'll be thankful most islanders speak English

To get his massage, he needed only to inquire at the front desk of his ritzy hotel in Papeete, which, for obvious reasons, will remain unnamed. The massage was performed in a small botanical room that had a real waterfall, which emptied into a pond complete with fish. It was erotic right from the start; the woman wore a bikini top, a small sash around her voluptuous hips, and a large white gardenia behind her ear. His first massage was exactly that, a massage and nothing more. But it was incredibly erotic and sensual and cost approximately $32 for one hour.

She began by sweeping her long black hair across his body, something he told me felt shockingly sexy. The way she smoothed on the warm coconut oil and knowingly kneaded out every last bit of tension in his entire body left him so relaxed he was unable to walk! Utterly speechless, he was. He requested the same girl the following night and thought he'd try the standard 'signal' by asking if he could discard his towel and continue the massage nude. He swears he did not tip or make any gestures instigating sex; she just finished him off with a superb hand job and invited him back the following night. That was on Tahiti.

From there he went to Bora Bora (my favorite) and booked in at the finest resort on the island. For a very reasonable price of about $40 US dollars he got a one-hour-fifteen-minute massage in a glass room overlooking the ocean. It ended with a very gratifying release.

I've never met Richard, but I can't help but think he must be awfully good-looking to get free hand jobs with a massage. Either that or he's extremely likable. He says it's neither; he's just a 'gentleman'. He may have a point there...a gentleman will win every time.

Several airlines fly from PDX to Faaa airport on Tahiti; fares are around $600. Once there, expect to spend about what you would spend here for hotels, food and drink. Massages are delightfully cheaper, however, and much more sensuous, so have fun!








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