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Ivan or John...it's all the same thing over there.


Now that Russia is practicing 'Glasnost' with the free world, many travelers are finding that a trip into the former Soviet Union is an experience like no other. While Russia will never equal the opulence of Monaco or Beverly Hills, it has become famous for its lucrative international sex trade.

In the 70s under Communist control, it was common for 'ruble girls' to exchange sexual favors with rich 'Ivans' (AKA 'Johns') not just for the money, but also for the gifts or extravagances the girls could not otherwise afford. In some instances, girls merely required her 'Ivan' to take her grocery shopping.

Up until the early 80s the problem of prostitution was officially denied in Moscow in spite of the fact that some 10,000 prostitutes worked there. Today, the Russian government is so bogged down with bigger problems--nuclear proliferation, economic chaos and organized crime--that prostitution isn't even on the list of things they're concerned about. Glasnost not only opened up Russia's borders, it opened new economic markets and brought new prosperity to many clever entrepreneurs who quickly jumped on the bandwagon of international trade. Because Russia is so strapped for income, prostitution has become one of the few 'new' international businesses now flourishing in the former Soviet Union. Interdevochka or 'international girls' have, for the most part, replaced 'ruble girls.' With the sudden influx of foreign businessmen oozing with cash, the international girl soon became one of the most sought-after careers for females 13-40. Moscow newspapers published long articles about the international girl and her glamorous lifestyle servicing foreign clientele. Russian women from far and wide flocked to major cities and even small towns that bordered on affluent countries like Finland to begin aspiring careers as high-priced international girls.

Currently, newspapers like Moscow Times or Moscow Tribune list sex parlors under the headings of "Massage" or "Introductions." These establishments run their business with one stipulation: no Russians, please. The World Sex Guide lists prices starting at about $150 USD for one hour.

"Small towns like Vyborg are pushing for the regulation of prostitution as wealthy Finns flock across the border looking for discounted hooker rates."


Since any form of sexual education was nonexistent until Glasnost, STD proliferated. The Communist government taught its people AIDS was a disease that only concerned homosexuals and drug users. Russia is still hush-hush about AIDS, and condoms are still in amazingly short supply. Bring plenty of the latex and donate a box to the girls you visit. Call it a world health visit.

If you would like to get a taste of Russian pussy, flights from PDX to Moscow average about $1,000 R/T; you'll probably have to fly at least a portion of the way on the world's most poorly maintained airplanes...Aeroflot. Thankfully, Delta, KLM and Northwest fly there, too. You'll need a passport and Visa to enter Russia.

Another (more expensive) option is flying into Helsinki, Finland, then traveling the four hours by train to Vyborg, Russia. Vyborg has come to rival Moscow and St. Petersburg as Russia's hooker capital. Small towns like Vyborg are pushing for the regulation of prostitution as wealthy Finns flock across the border looking for discounted hooker rates. A crackdown on prostitution would seriously deprive the local businesses, which also catch a little of the money, of desperately needed foreign income.

I have taken the train from Helsinki to Parikkala, Finland, and know the ride is short and scenic. Once in Parikkala, you walk or drive across the border. Vyborg is about 60 miles further. (No cameras allowed at border crossings!)

If some of you have decided to give international girls a whirl, know that American commodities are worth their weight in gold. Gifts from America can still be used to pay for sex. Fad clothes like the old Madonna 'Boy Toy' stuff is hot over there right now as is the 70s-style, low-cut bell-bottom pants. Take a few pairs in sizes 5, 6, and 9 to Russia and barter your balls off. Frilly, low-cut and lacy bras from Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood will also turn the key to any Russian hooker's heart. Glasnost, baby.






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