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xmag.com : October 2001: The Eroticism of Tattoos

e live in a world that demands more. More money, more drugs, more stuff, more sex, more pain, more joy. As people, we are constantly looking for that one thing which will satisfy our desire, quench our thirst.

In our quest for satisfaction, we come to realize that the physical objects and the perfect highs are fleeting; they are of the moment and won't last.

When we realize that what we want is something permanent, something that has more to do with our spirits instead of our cars or our bank accounts, that is when the real quest begins.

My personal search began with a new city, a new identity, and a newfound love for my body. I found myself unsatisfied with life, longing for anything that would be better than my best orgasm--better because I could keep it.

It was at this time that I got my first tattoo. It was small, but it was to be a symbol of my independence and my bravery. With the first line, the tiny needle gliding over my skin, I knew I had found what I had been searching for. The "pain" that comes with a tattoo guides me to a place more pleasurable, more erotic than anything else. The adrenaline coursing through my veins warms my body, hardens my nipples, and gives me that feeling I get when I first touch someone's lips with mine.

It's been years since that first tattoo, and I now have quite an extensive collection. Definitely more than some, but certainly not as much as others. I believe that everyone has their own limits and reasons for getting something inked on their skin. Some people do it because it's trendy, some to cover up scars. No matter that the motivation is, I know that every person with a tattoo will tell you it means something to them. Mine are all commemorations of trials I've endured, or long periods of joy. At any time I can glance at my body and take a walk down memory lane.


Erotic dancing, like everything else, has its own set of stereotypes. Typically, people outside of the industry categorize dancers as having perfect, tan bodies, large tits, etc. The reality is that women are all different and it's these differences that make us all beautiful. But having tattoos and being an exotic dancer brings something else to the stage. Dancers with tattoos are not just taking off their clothes; they're showing the audience their heart.

When I get on stage, I see the excitement in the audience's eyes. If I wanted to, I could let the tattoos do all the work. Instead, I move my body and send the message that I am sexy and that they are the only ones I want to dance for. They are all mesmerized: tattoo lovers and those seeing the ink move for the first time.

What is it like to be naked and alone with one of these strangely decorated women? It's like no other sexual encounter. These women have experience with life. They have probably had their heart broken. They obvi-
ously like things to be a little harder, a bit more rough. And they are so damned exotic, even I
get turned on.

You have sex with the lights on. You want to be able to see her inked flesh more. And on top of having the usual assets to touch, lick, and pinch, there's a whole new set of toys, something else
to lick and bite. When my partner adores my
decorations, I reel. It's like they are touching
my insides.

In this beautiful month of October, we are again celebrating sexy erotic women and tattooed flesh with the Miss Ink-n-Pink shows. These nights will be evenings filled with very hot performances by the most colorful women in Portland. There will also be women who have learned the art of taming the element of fire. Only select
clubs will be transformed into dens of immorality as we celebrate everyone's favorite holiday, All Hallow's Eve.

You are all invited to come and have your
realities challenged and your sins forgiven by
the goddess of artful skin.





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