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xmag.com : November 2001: Ink-N-Pink 2001 Update

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Ink-N-Pink 2001 finale takes place on October 31st, we aren't able to tell you who won since we're going to press 4 days before, but we can share some featured highlights and thanks from the Mastermind (correction...BrainDamaged) Producer of Ink-N-Pink.


They Came

We packed the hell out of these places, scared the hell out of their owners, but for some reason, they all want us back again next year...right guys....Thanks to our venues:

Union Jacks, Jody's Bar and Grill, Cocktails and Dreams, The Pallas Club, Solution, Doc's Bar and Grill, and Dante's (Sheesh, do you think we coulda' whored this thing out any more!!?)


They saw:

Putting together a huge collection of talent such as this years entertainers was truly an honor. you were all the best this biz has to offer, and every one of you is always gonna stay pink in my heart...Let's hear it for...


Miss Ink-N-Pink 2000 - and still one sexy, tattooed Bitch...SAGE!


The hardcore dependability squad of the Ink-N-Pink Tattooed Review Contestants

Anya, Dakota, Voltaire, Poison Ivy, Lady Lux, Lotus, Miss Amber Lee, & Cheri.


Incinerating performances by Safire and Circe Rose (You make me so hot ladies!)


Stunning feature sets by Felony, Sin, Pandora, Lola, Tonic & the Porcelain Twinz, Xero and Zen


Reed McClintock and his disappearing-balloon-deep-throttling performances.

(You may be amongst the top 20 coin magicians, but in Spooky's book, I'd have to rank you as the number one coin flippin', card swappin', tattoo gettin' illusionist I"ve ever seen.)


Our most photographed, over-exposed and invisible contestant Ariel

(Enjoy the retirement and the Mac! We'll miss you!)


They kicked some serious ASS!!!

My staff was absolutely awesome this year, and actually allowed me to enjoy a moment or two of the events, Give it up for...


Gail (You're still my favorite...sorry Sage.)


Miller Genuine Draft.


Portland Exotic Dancers.com (Thanks for the sponsorship...but where the hell were you guys...beating off online or something?)


Jim Fucking Goad - America's angriest white male.


Peter, Lucky, and The Gods of Temple Tattoo.


Ann, Desta and the Goddesses of Adorned Beauty Art.


Corey our sorcerer of sound (I swear dude, we're gonna' find the bastard that stole that cordless mike, we believe terrorists were involved.)


Enrico Carrisco (you know, that greasy guy wearin' all the gold that came in at the end and took all our money. Seriously though dude, couldn't have done it without you... and that checkbook of yours.)


Frank for wanting to get barbed-wire tattooed on his cock (As of press time, Mr. Faillace had not yet accomplished this goal.)


Darkstar and the Enforcer for designing some kick-ass ads once again, (although I still want that ad with the monkey and the monster truck.)


Paul (a.k.a. Sage's Bitch, how the hell you put up with me I'll never know, Love ya.)


Karla (ummm...what can I say...?)


KNRK (thanks for your efforts, but you can't polish a turd...maybe next year guys, with a real band.)


The extra-special thanks for absolutely fuckin' nothin' award goes to...

Rorschach Test.




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