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Oregon State Court Of Appeals Rules Against Simulated Sex Shows
Anyone involved in promoting, managing or facilitating live shows involving sexual conduct, or simulated sexual conduct, is now in violation of the current reading of the law. This includes simulated sex shows, masturbation, simulated masturbation and toy shows.


A divided Oregon State Court of Appeals upheld charges against Robert Ciancanelli on Wednesday, April 24. Ciancanelli is the owner of Angels, a "lingerie modeling club" in Roseburg, which featured two women engaging in simulated sex in October 1998, according to undercover Roseburg police officers. Ciancanelli was arrested and convicted of promoting unlawful sexual acts and prostitution, among other charges.

The 10-member court was split with three members dissenting from the majority decision.

Noted adult-business attorney Brad Woodworth, interprets this decision as having potentially dire effects for many lingerie modeling shops, live peep shows and strip clubs in Oregon.

In the past, Oregon courts have held that the 1987 Oregon Supreme Court ruling State v. Henry, based on Article 1, Section 8 of the Oregon Constitution, denied any sort of local or state anti-obscenity laws.

Woodworth says that it could turn out to be the case this time as well, but until the current case is appealed before the Oregon Supreme Court--if it is appealed, and if it is reviewed--the current decision is considered the "law of the land" and should be treated as such to avoid any legal difficulties.

Ciancanelli has 30 days to petition for a review by the Oregon Supreme Court. A decision to review and a final judgment by the Supreme Court could be anywhere from six months to one year away.

Any adult business owners interested in helping get the case reviewed by the Supreme Court or needing additional information should contact their attorney, or they can reach Brad Woodworth at his office at (503) 226-4644.




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