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xmag.com : June 2000 : Superior Sadist

Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina


Receive: Mistress Severina, are you answering email this evening? I'm an unworthy submissive male interested in punishment and shoe worship.

Send: Yes, I have a few moments, but first you need some basic training. Number one, I am never to be addressed as 'mistress', 'ma'am' or 'miss.' I am always addressed as Goddess Severina. Second, when writing to me, you are always to use capitals when you address me, and lowercase when referring to yourself (as you are lower and always will be). Third, I'm only interested in fetishes, not any personal history or life story. Fourth, you're never allowed to cuss or use any kind of slang when communicating with me. If you can follow these basic rules, we can commence with the session.

You're blinded by the glare of the light off of my black latex clothing.

Receive: i can, and thank You for the quick reply, Goddess.

Send: Well, let's begin. First of all, what is the attire you're wearing at this moment?

Receive: Jeans, shirt and boots, Goddess.

Send: That won't do. I want you to remove everything but your underwear.

Receive: i did that.

Send: Good. Now get down on your hands and knees and look up at the ceiling. Now I want you to picture in your mind that I'm standing before you. 6'3" in my platform stiletto heels, I tower over you. You're blinded by the glare of the light off of my black latex clothing.

Receive: Oh yes, Goddess. i have your picture here with me. i know how beautiful You are. You take my breath away.

Send: So glad you're impressed. Then I slap you across the face. I want you to slap yourself across the face and think of my gloved hand hitting you.

Receive: Ouch! What was that for?

Send: You never question why I punish you, but if you must know, it's because I find you so disgusting. I'd rather kick you in the side, but that's something that's very hard to self-inflict. Do you have any shoes in your closet?

Receive: Yes, Goddess. i even have a couple pairs of pumps left over from an ex-girlfriend who left them behind.

Send: I want you to lick them clean, starting at the toe of the shoe and working your way back to the heel.

Receive: But, she used to wear them outside, Goddess...

Send: That's even better... And now I want you to slap your face again. You know that you are scum, and that it is an honor to lick the dirt off of women's shoes.

Receive: i know, Goddess. i am scum. i'm licking the shoes now.

Send: How do they taste?

Receive: Like dirt and sweat, Goddess, but i don't care what they taste like. Just picturing Your foot inside these shoes takes away the bad taste.

Send: Are you complaining? Now I dig the heel into your nipple. You do the same.

Receive: Goddess, can i rub the shoe on my penis?

Send: Ok, now you need to slap yourself in the face again and pretend that's me slapping you. You disgust me enough. Why would I want to see you display yourself in that fashion? I'm already sickened.

Receive: Oh Goddess, please let me rub my penis all over the shoe!

Send: What happened to the other pair of shoes? I'll bet those aren't clean... I want you to continue to clean those from the toe to the heel and even the sole, and in between each lick, I want you to smell the inside of the shoe, and when the shoe is completely clean, I want you to masturbate into it... and eat it!

Receive: Oh Goddess... that sounds so delightfully gross, but i'll do anything You say!

Send: I know you will, now finish your task and don't bother Me for the rest of the evening. I control you now, and I do not want you to relieve yourself until you email me again in three days.

—Goddess Severina

Receive: Thank you.




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