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Eddie from New Haven says one time in college he saw a white girl and a black girl get in a brawl. The white girl knocked the black girl down and started tearing at her clothes, then pounced on top of her and slapped her face. “The black chick’s tube top was down around her waist like an over-sized belt and her silky shorts had been pulled right up her crotch and you could see part of her ass cheek squashed in the ground,” Eddie writes. Then the white girl “pulled the tiny crotch of her panties aside and to the astonishment of all the bystanders, pissed on the black chick, then picked up the remainder of her sun dress and walked away with her friends.”

This is one of about a hundred cat fights compiled and published in an oversize paperback for guys who want to read about gutsy girls standing toe to toe hurling insults and fists at each other. Whoever put “Real Catfights” together didn’t bother to take credit for a great deal of work. No editor’s name is listed. But it doesn’t matter. This is great stuff. Catfights at concerts, at parties, in school and on the street. The witnesses simply describe what they saw. Rarely do you find out what started the fight, except in cases like one girl calling another the “blowjob queen” of her high school.

No pictures of the catfighters, but the words give you a good idea of what’s going down. You can order this book directly from the publisher for $25.00 plus five bucks for shipping and handling. USA Publications, PO Box 66734, LA, CA 90066

FLORENCE HARDING: The First Lady, the Jazz Age, and the Death of America’s Most Scandalous President
by Carl Sferrazza Anthony

Bill Clinton is a piker compared to Warren Harding. Elected to the presidency in 1920, Harding boozed it up during prohibition, gambled like a riverboat card shark, smoked up a storm and fucked in a White House closet. The right man for the Roaring Twenties, even though his administration was awash in scandal.

Nobody knows how many women came into Harding’s life, but there were a lot of them, including the wife of one of his friends whom Harding got pregnant. Several of his ladies blackmailed him and and money was quietly raised to pay them off. (Hard money or soft money?)

His wife, like Hillary, looked the other way. And like Hillary, she was a lady with progressive causes. She used her power to get women jobs in government, worked for prison reform, blocked the appointment of racists and helped write her husband’s speeches.

On the sex thing she brings to mind the well known trait of Bill Clinton’s ability to compartmentalize. With Warren in mind, she wrote: “A man’s heart is like a filing cabinet, each section is complete in itself.”

(Prometheus Books)

Old porn is the best porn. Take “Flossie,” one of several anonymous tales from Victorian times in this collection. Flossie, a hot young thing, tells some old duffer she is the White Queen of the Gama Huchi Islands, a kingdom “bounded on this side by the piano and on the other side by the furthest edge of the bed in the next room.” She likes the old dude, tells him she’ll do her humble best to make his “offending pole to disappear.”

He describes her efforts: “Thrusting my yard between her lips the Great White Queen of the Gama Huchi Islands sucked in the whole column to the very root, and by dint of working her royal mouth up and down, and applying her royal fingers to the neighboring appendages , soon drew into her throat a tribute to her greatness.”

Now isn’t that better than a fuck vid?

This book contains selections from Emile Zola, Frank Harris, Charles Devereaux, Bram Stoker and sir Richard Burton.

Also a selection from My Secret Life by Walter, an erotic classic that runs 2,316 pages. If you’re not up for plowing through all of Walter’s churnings, a taste of it here along with the other selections should do the trick.

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