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Fabruary 2000
Issue #79


This Ain't No Demon,
This Ain't No Disco

Incubus' Brandon Boyd

Hollywood Whores
for Washington
Anti-Drug Telly

Twentieth Century
Underwear Review
From Corsets to Wonderbras back to Corsets, ten decades of negligee


Carnal Knowledge
a word from the publisher

Viva Las Vegas
notes from our stripper-rockgrrl editor

webrummaging from the beautiful Seven

Pornos for Primates
rex breathes reviews adult video

Girl Trouble
rex breathes rants

Snickers Really Satisfies
the transvestite speaks


Strip Clubs
strip clubs in the area

Adult Video Stores
video stores and arcades in the area

Lingerie Modeling Shops
live modeling shops in the area

Escort Businesses
escorts in the area

Map Guide
adult entertainment locations

Erotic City
news from the scene

Calendar of Events
what's going on this week & month

adult classified ads