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August 1999
Issue #73


Bungled Mr. Bungle
Mike Patton and Gary try to Kick it

Live! Nude! Girls!
A Lusty Lady Fight

Holly from Stars
Exotic's August Covergirl & Pin-up

The Gospel
according to Viva Las Vegas

A Secret Life
a boot fetishist's thoughts

The End of the World
Breathe deep the gathering gloom

Pornos for Primates
rex breathes reviews adult video

Girl Trouble
rex breathes rants

Heavy Petting
dating secrets from the lost

Harmful Matters
Reality to spurn

the naughty 'net

Superior Sadist
The Goddess cammands you to read this

Snickers Really Satisfies
the transvestite speaks

Strip Clubs
strip clubs in the area

Adult Video Stores
video stores and arcades in the area

Lingerie Modeling Shops
live modeling shops in the area

Escort Businesses
escorts in the area

Map Guide
adult entertainment locations