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Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina


In the 14 years that I've been a professional Dominatrix, I've had to move my dungeons around several times--landlords not being scene friendly, obsessive slaves, or financial difficulties; but now I think that I've found my ideal place. This time the landlord situation is friendly, there's a secured system, and I have a fabulous new business partner, Mistress Ember. She's about 5'6", long brown wavy maroon-streaked hair, and very soft spoken. She's on the softer side of Domination, plus she gives me a fresh new insight, having only been a pro Dominant for 3 years. She is very professional and never degrades herself in any manner.

In our new loft, I finally have everything I have ever dreamed of: metal stock, wood stock, suspension, suspended rack, two other racks, doggy cage, sensory deprivation box, cross, throne, and my favorite, the medical room (which is quite well appointed with medical cabinets and a 50s style examination bed).

"I know that with my skills and my new loft, I have truly earned the title Goddess."

The loft is quite spendy, but with Ember's help and business sense, I hope this will go well. Having been there only a week, I've only had two sessions. The first one I had to get used to how huge the room actually was. I did a lot more strutting around in my 12" platform heels than I had done before. The floors aren't carpeted, they're hardwood, so there is no cushion to my step. In the first hour of the session, I definitely felt the arch of my foot straining... nothing that a good massage and a nice pedicure couldn't help (and did help). I still keep the same theme that I adhere to in my dungeons--cold, dark and Gothic. Time passes so quickly in a session, as there are so many things to explore in the new dungeon. Luckily, my first session in the new room was with a German guy who likes extreme torture--CBT and whipping. I almost feel a need to impress European slaves in some way, perhaps because of the dungeons they have in Europe. Confidently, I know now that my skills and my dungeon surpass some of the finest.

As I led him around from one device to another, I felt a power that I have never felt before. Utter Supremacy. I know that with my skills and my new loft, I have truly earned the title Goddess, the title that was bestowed on me 12 years ago.

He was quite impressed by the medical room, so naturally we spent most of our time there. My exam table has leather strap-downs to keep the victim in place, along with two stirrups in which to place his feet. I think that every man should experience that vulnerable position, so that they may know how every woman feels whenever she has to get a pap smear. I often get cross dressers who wish so badly that they had a vagina. If only they could realize what it means to have one, to truly be a woman. As I moved from one medical device to another--sharp, dull, cold, hot electricity--I felt his true submission. At the end of the session, he told me that he has visited "Dominion" in L.A. and "Pandora's Box" in New York; they did not compare. But he might just be saying that because he's a slave!

I'm really looking forward to a double Dom session with Mistress Ember. I know that she will give me the softer edge that I need to make Severina complete. After many years of doing this and being into hardcore bloodsports and medical tortures, it's time to round out Severina's edges with a softer Dom assistant.



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