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Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

It was a hot afternoon when I received the confirmation. Ah... finally a martial arts interest. At last, I could put all of my hard earned gym time and martial arts training to use. A shorter, dark haired man showed up right on time, and we preceded to discuss limits. Mine were: if at any time I was put into a choke hold or body slam, or my skin was burned and/or bruised, the session would be over. He explained that he couldn't have any severe bruising, either, but that he liked being put into choke holds.
"Breath asphyxiation?" I asked excitedly.
"Yes Goddess," he replied, "but not to the point of passing out."
"Great," I continued. "Well, you'll need to remove your shirt, shoes and pants and leave your underwear on. I'm going to go get dressed in my fighting gear..."
When I came back out of the room, I was wearing nothing but my black two piece swimsuit, which covered my rear end and showed off my small waist. The top, very supportive, pushed my ample breasts nicely together.
"If I hit you too hard, I want you to say 'yellow.' If I put you in a choke hold, you need to tap out."
We walked in a circle, looking directly at each other, wondering who was going to throw the first punch. Being the aggressive type, I gave him a nice square uppercut to the solar plexus. He bent over grabbing his stomach.
"That's one hell of a punch you've got," he groaned, bent over.
That got me going; I could feel my heart start to race. I was jumping back and forth from one foot to the next, waiting for his counter strike. He lunged with an awkward shin kick, completely missing my legs. I grabbed his leg and tossed him on to his back. I allowed him to stand again, and he came after me with a pathetic front kick. Again I grabbed his leg and tossed him onto his back. Then I jumped on his chest, pinning his arms to the ground with my legs, and my rear end planted firmly on his chest. I quickly moved my right leg under the back of his neck and brought my left leg over the front. I began to squeeze. The dreaded, deadly scissors hold. In a second, he tapped. I released some of my tension. I wrapped my legs together and began to squeeze again. This time he held out a bit longer, but tapped out again after a few seconds. Some fight.
I started to scissor him again and then reached down and began to pinch his nipples, lightly at first with my fingers, and then harder with my nails, as if to draw blood. I squeezed tighter. His face became a dark shade of purple and he again tapped out. I then stood up and told him that he needed to try a little bit harder. This time, when we were standing across from each other, he apprehensively lunged for me, and I returned with a right side kick to his left kidney. I turned around in a 360 and gave him a left crescent kick to the right side of his face. He went down. I told him that he was obviously not very good at this "standing thing" so that we should try grappling. I made him bend over on all fours, kneeled over him in the position one wrestler's hold and said, "Are you ready?"
I reached underneath him, grabbed his right arm with my left hand and pulled up quickly, jerking him onto his back. I jumped on top of his chest again.
"You're not very good at this one either, are you?"
"You're so strong, I don't know what to do!" he exclaimed.
Next time I'm hoping for stiffer competition. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. But I know he left satisfied. And beaten




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