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Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

Now this is the kind of session that I
truly enjoy. Not that any true Domina actually shows any kind of emotion toward their slaves, but having a human ashtray makes me feel a little vindicated. I had tried to quit smoking for about eight months and I kept getting all of these calls from people who were interested in "smoking sessions" (a Dominatrix that smokes during sessions). I kept saying, "No, I just quit..." Finally, after one very stressful day, I said, "Sure... I'll take a session." And from there on out, I never stopped smoking. So, now that I'm fully immersed in my awful habit, languishing in my diminished lung capacity, I take great pride in making my masochistic slaves into human ash receptacles.

I had recently acquired a new slave who is trying quite hard to be my "personal" slave. What that means is someone willing to do anything I want, whether it be running errands, or taking all of my sadistic torture. The new guy "V" is working out quite nicely. He actually enjoys being a human ashtray.

Our first session together shocked both of us, considering he'd never been to a Dominatrix before. I couldn't believe that he was so masochistic, and neither could he. I started out with the old run-of-the-mill spanking, flogging and light caning, and he never used a safety word. So, then I decided to have a cigarette...

Every time I needed to ash my cigarette, I told him to open his mouth; he would stick out his tounge and take the ash.

I puffed on the cigarette to make a nice little hot cherry and then I glided it along his sides and nipples, but not actually touching the flesh. Just enough to feel the heat. He never even flinched. Every time I needed to ash my cigarette, I told him to open his mouth; he would stick out his tongue and take the ash. Unwavering, he would swallow all my ashes. I then took out my sewing wheel--a one inch wheel with a 6" long metal handle and needle-like sharp spikes protruding along the wheel. As I rolled it across his skin, I could feel it penetrating.

I used the wheel on his nipples, lower regions and sides, and then grabbed some Icy Hot--a lotion type substance that heats up with the temperature of your body. I applied it to his nipples and lower region. Ah... now that got him. It started burning and stinging. He was in complete pain, but it was also obvious that he was in total ecstasy. I proceeded to light up another cigarette, telling him to lie down on the rack as I fastened his wrists and ankles. With him in this compromising position, I continued to use his mouth for an ashtray. The Icy Hot was starting to bore me now, so I wiped it off and immediately started in with the hot cherry of my cigarette.

At this point, he finally flinched and screamed in pain. I slapped his face a couple of times, spat on him and told him how worthless he was. He replied, "Yes Goddess... I am worthless. You are the Supreme Sadist. I would do anything for You." I then replied,
"Good... then you shall. I think I might take you as a personal slave, since you have plenty of time on your hands, and I just need someone new to do my bidding.

"I want you to keep the dungeon clean and organized and well prepared for each one of my sessions." I put the cigarette out on his tongue and he swallowed the entire butt. I told him that would be his reward for the day, and that's the closest he would ever come to my saliva.

Since that first day, we have met several times for sessions as well as his tasks around the dungeon. My decision has been wise, as he is working out very well. Plus, it helps that he's young and not unattractive. Perhaps one day I will quit smoking; but right now it's just too much fun to use my slaves as human ashtrays.
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